Little help folks

Admin please remove if not allowed…

My dog is in the final of a competition on Facebook to represent her favourite brand of treats for the next year.

I would appreciate if any of you could vote for her, by clicking on this link:

And commenting Luna on the post. Here’s a photo of how happy your vote will make her.

Many thanks.


I WANT YOUR DOG :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Enjoy! She comes with a years supply of floof (dumped directly onto your carpet and clothes)


My lab does the same!

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I feel ACC is lacking a dog appreciate thread…


I’m so glad you started the post with this. We are, of course, utterly powerless to remove topics unless people start with that. (Same goes for Facebook too.)

But yes, your post can stay, just like that good doggo.


Not any more thanks to you!

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