Dogs of ACC

He is so happy!!

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He’s awesome - cockapoo?

Off topic - Cats, devil animals, this space is reserved for doggos :wink::wink:

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Ooh how many sleeps until holibobs with the doggo and hubster?? :joy::joy:

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She’s watching Corbin, always watching…


So she’s a Warrant Officer?

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Likes to sit somewhere comfortable and to keep warm.
Won’t go out if it’s raining.
Shouts a lot when ready for dinner but then sticks nose up if it isn’t to standard.
Works in a mysterious and aloof way.
Struts about as if they own the place, likely after having broken something.
Expects others to clean up any mess left.

Definitely an officer?


Nah, this one is far too bitey to be an officer.

She’s a corporal.

The Maine Coon on the other hand, the way he lives, he couldn’t be anything below wing commander.


Aye, he’s a great little chap

The ancient Egyptians worshipped cats as gods, the cats haven’t forgotten.



Zero pet is the way forward.
Shame Mrs P doesnt understand that.

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I’m allergic to dogs whilst Mrs Farmer is allergic to cats. I’m trying to persuade her about a house rabbit, or a monkey that we can train to open the door to guests and pour a whisky.


otherwise known as a “child”?


I’ve got three of them and none of them could do that. I spent this morning cleaning pen off the in-laws sofa because the middle one went downstairs early and was bored so decided to draw a picture of granny with biro on her new cream sofa. :man_facepalming:


How about a labradoodle? Ours is a “miniature” - doesn’t moult at all.

We have a big stone dog in our garden.
Inherited from precious owner.
Defo doesnt moult!

I need this… My no1s live in a suit bag in a room the dogs not allowed in.

I tend to get dressed into them at the event in questions but somehow it gets covered in pesky ginger dog hairs

Samoyed are hypoallergenic, my friend is very allergic to dogs, first time she met Luna (I had told her about said hypoallergenic qualities and she really wanted a dog) she took a massive sniff of her - no issues. Something to do with them not producing the Dander that people are allergic to.

But if you don’t brush them daily your house will be covered in floof.