CWO: How do you address yours?

Curious to know how people address CWOs on their Sqns

  • Cadet Warrant Officer
  • Cadet Warrant
  • Warrant Officer
  • “C-WO”
  • “C-W-O”
  • Sir/Ma’am
  • Other

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Distinction obviously between address and refer to…

Fair point, but I’m just curious to find out the general consensus within squadrons

It used to be very clear in ACP31 Section 1, that book is now defunct but there has been no replacement so it’s still the best guidance we have and it said Warrant Officer was the term of address.


For those that call them Cadet Warrant Officers I assume they also prefix all over cadet ranks…

The whole reason for the C in CWO is that back in the day, we had Officers, Warrant Officers and Civilian Instructors, and only WO was also a rank given to cadets so we ended up with AWO and CWO. The A has been dropped but the C seems to have stuck for some reason.

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Indeed - warrant officer, except if specifically needed to differentiate between an adult and a cadet (but normally I’d know the adult’s name and address as Mr/Mrs anyway).

Cadets shouldn’t need to worry about that, as they’d call a WO “sir/ma’am”.



When talking about them, Cadet Warrant.

When talking to them, or directing people to go see them, Mr (or Miss) X.


Do your cadets refer to them as Cadet Warrant too?

Honestly, can’t remember. It’s been a while since we had one on the squadron.

Boss cadet, as opposed to Cadet boss (OC)… use of Baws/BAWS also acceptable as long as accompanied by suitable flourish and snap. Source - ACTO IDK… :wink:

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As a CWO I was referred to as C-WO, C W O, Warrant, Cadet Warrant and Cadet Warrant Officer and I didn’t really care which one.
I must have had more important things to worry about even then.
As long as it’s not Sir/Ma’am, not a worry.

I think this depends on the context and situation as I use any of the 5 upper options. I think I tend to use Cadet Warrant as the main.

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Coffee. White. One.

Sometimes with a please.


They need to know their place, eh.


Additional characters.

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Or you know, you could just check what the correct form of address is and then use that. Not exactly an onerous task.

Been one and it didn’t bother me, so not so sure why it would be an issue.
I’ve been on numerous activities and they get called all variants and no one seems to get bent out of shape, which in this day and age of people wanting to prove their worth is a minor miracle.
If it was that much of a problem I’m sure HQAC would issue a B1N.

Who said anything about getting bent out of shape? It’s a pretty minor thing, but at the end of the day there is a correct way of doing it.

Knowing that, why would you carry on doing it incorrectly?

So what is it then? As in my 40+ years in the ATC, no one has pulled me up on this and I’ve not heard anyone pulled up on it and I’m not sure I’ve got enough years of breath in me to look.

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Warrant officer, as explained in the first couple of posts on the thread.