CI "Membership Cards"


Oh yeah, forgot about Oxfordshire being South West(?)

Devon and Dorset are the worst off for bases. the nearest are St Mawgan and Brize, both hours and difficult roads away.


Anybody know if the policy document has been released yet?

My OC has tasked me with getting pictures up on SMS for all of the CIs to have ID cards.

Seem to remember reading something about specific dress being required for the photos?


Dress will be civilian clothing. I am a civilian. I ain’t wearing no posh stuff for any orificer.


Ah, the jacket I borrowed the other day from you, hope you don’t mind the cigar burn… :wink:


My goodness, that price tag!


I know what my dad’s response would be to anyone wearing that jacket. The joys of being old!!


Yep, I was disappointed that you lent me your cheapest one! :wink:


Taken verbatim from Sharepoint:

The RAFAC Membership Card Guide and the Membership Card Policy it can be found on Bader at the link below:

Headquarters has just received its first batch of CI Membership cards to issue out to individuals but a number of them have had to be destroyed due to the photo not confirming to the Membership Card Policy.
The photograph policy which will be released in ACP 20 soon is shown below:

  1.     Photographs. A colour photograph showing a good likeness of the applicant and conforming to the following requirements is to be uploaded to SMS at the time of application:

a. UK Identity and Passport Service (IPS). The photograph is to be of an excellent resolution and must conform to the requirements of the IPS. Details are available on the Direct Gov website:

b. Extent of Image. The photograph is to be of the head shoulders only. The image is to be as large as possible within the limits 42mm x 32mm.

c. Position. The position of the applicant is to show full face in repose; smiles and all other transitory expressions are to be avoided.

d. Dress. Applicants are to be in, where possible, RAFAC T-shirts/sweatshirts. If this is not possible, a shirt and tie for male personnel and open collared blouse for females.

e. Background. A plain white or light coloured background is to be used.

f. Rejects. Photographs uploaded that are of poor quality definition or do not comply with the requirements in sub-paras a to e will be rejected.


What a load of male bird.
They get far too excited about photos. The picture on my pass card for work wouldn’t comply, but then it doesn’t have to.


As it’s not official ID I don’t understand why it needs to meet IPS standards.

Guaranteed anywhere we try to use it will reject it.


Hopefully the difference will be that with proper I’d alongside it they will issue unescorted passes.


I doubt it, it’ll still be the same old pass roulette.


Having received one of these cards they’re actually pretty smart. Although they do have ‘THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL FORM OF IDENTIFICATION’ printed on the back…


Im awaiting mine arriving for four of my staff.Apparently they are due in tomorrow.


They’re available to any CI. You apply through SMS.


Mine’s on order.

But why not an official ID? If HQAC are issuing it why isn’t it official. Can I have a 3822 as they’ve always seemed to be official ID. Got me into places as a cadet.


Because they are not recognised to gain access to RAF stations etc - this is an ill-thought HQAC initiative pushed through


Hmmm, one would like to be surprised by this line, but somehow one isn’t. You would be more surprised if you felt it had been thought through and fully fit for purpose. But hey ho it’s only CIs. I imagine someone will come out with the line if you want a proper ID go into uniform. But I’ve got that box well and truly ticked.


So what’s the point?

What a waste of time money and effort. I shall not be applying for one.


Select a CI (or yourself!) On the SMS. The option to apply for one should be in the left hand menu, just above the option to discharge. You’ll need a photo loaded onto your account first, which must comply with some minimum criteria (I can’t remember what, and I can’t remember where to find it… :thinking:)