CI "Membership Cards"

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Your balls would be tightly gripped (I don’t get embarrassed) unless: a) you stopped annoying me and b) you gave me some of your tea :grin:


I found mine recently. It was wedged between the boards in my loft where it fell on the day it was issued. no doubt in 20yrs time when the ACO has been disbanded, it might be worth something as an item of historical value.

I might be able to swap it for something useful like a roll of Andrex :grin:


Has anyone found out why they used a picture of a bassoonist from one of the RAF bands as the generic image on the CI card mock up? Very odd.


Because they misspelt buffoon in the request for an ACO member of staff for the picture.


The dress standards for CIs has changed in,line with modern ‘casual’ dress.

When I first dipped my toes in the murky pond of ATC staff, it was essentially collar and tie with a jumper or jacket and this has changed to now I wear a polo and walking trousers and walking shoes. It doesn’t alter what I do or how I do it and when someone (like me when I was) in uniform turns up not in uniform. Having done CI, uniform and back to CI, I’ve looked at the way we do things and in terms of uniform apart from distinguishing people in terms of the rank they have, uniforms seem to serve little purpose on parade nights, in fact they might be a hindrance as people try and keep them tidy, like with cadets, so parade nights can lose some flexibility, especially when staff are thin on the ground. When you are on a parade you see the linkage to the RAF through the uniform, but when we are in our little cocoons on a dark January evening it seems to make little difference.
Maybe have a squadron working dress of say ATC polo shirts and uniforms for public events.


When I first became a CI I wore mine over a black leather jacket at Wing Parade just to see if I could get a reaction. It worked :+1:

When I became Sqn OC all my CIs decided to join in and wore them at the handing over ceremony.

Only times I have ever seen them on somebody’s arm.


I joined the ATC in about 1988. I’ve seen one person wearing it, once.

I’ve never been offered one, which saves me not having to laugh in the face of the offerer…


Just think, if all those armbands hadn’t been purchased, we could have afforded proper IDs for CIs… :wink:


I think, to be fair, that if we’d not wasted the money on the arm bands, there would have been more money for fuel for the Divisions on the Eastern Front…


I’ve heard them called that also. Hail hydra.


Ah the CI Armband mines still sealed in the plastic wrapping it came in when I received it almost a quarter of century ago.My Wing doesnt even issue them nowadays.Then of course you had the brown dust coat as well.I remember back in the 1970s when I was a cadet all the CIs were very well dressed one in particular sticks in my mind as he was never seen without a blazer and tie (with a Rothmans crest on the pocket) tinted glasses and tight flared trousers.


So sensibly when are we going to see these cards.


Trent Wing Trial is in progress…

Suspect opened to the entire RAFAC in next month or 2 once issues are ironed out


If you want one ASAP when the trial is ended and the system rolled out,ensure you have an ID-style photo uploaded to your SMS record.


And if I don’t want one?


Don’t apply for one.

You have to apply, not issued by default.


What do they do? Trent Wing is helpfully populated by RAF bases, so what have they been using them for?
Actually, I am surprised. This is actually a sensible choice for a trial wing, it is a location where CIs may actually see a base. If you’d done it in my Region it would have made naff all difference. I think we only have two actual RAF bases in the South West. Odiham and St Mawgan.


SW region?

Brize and Benson too.


Brize, Benson or Odiham are not what I would call close to anyone in the far reaches of SW Reg. OK for Hants/Wilts, bits of Devon and maybe bits of Somerset, but even then for some of them it’d be a trek.

Trent as said lots of RAF places to pop into.