CI "Membership Cards"


because it is a “Membership card” - much like anyone else would get joining a gym, snooker hall, or Bingo hall.

It acts as an “official” membership of the Air Cadets as a CI, it is not, much like a gym membership, officially recognised ID


I may be missing something here, but surely a gym membership exists precisely as a sort of ID - in that it enables the holder to enter the establishment. If you can’t use it to enter an establishment, then what’s the point?


Same as passport photo (plain white or pale background, no smiling etc) and wearing CI polo/sweatshirt or collar and tie or female equivalent. Briefing note is on Bader. Will try to find link later.


i guess it depends on the gym.

whatever the establishment a membership card, with photo, indicates the that person on the card is a member - not necessarily that they can enter - that would be dependant on the “clubs” rules.

yes you are correct to indicate that for a gym for example a membership card would be adequate evidence to be granted entry.

however for the MOD/RAF the appropriate a “membership card” is not valid - they require a military ID such as a MOD90. there is an argument that the MOD90 is a “membership card” and opens the discussion to why CIs have not been issued these instead.

that said CIs for years, and i will go as far as to say the Tesco home delivery drivers (simply because i have seen it) all they need is a Drivers licence or passport and a reason to get on the other side.

which begs the question what does this membership card offer that those without it doesn’t - pass.
a level of recognition or “identity” that they are members of the RAFAC rather than just some random?


Which is precisely what it is and what it was intended for.
It was the best they could do within the given restrictions and budget. The hope (as I understand it) was that it will allow the holder to be issued an unescorted pass rather than an escorted pass, but that is entirely up to the guardroom and their guidance.

Lets not look too deeply into the associated vetting and clearances.


How is all of this activity cheaper/easier/faster than issuing MOD90?


A lot of that depends on the detail and substance of what has been issued. I have never seen one.
I also presume that whatever cost is factored into the MOD90 issuing system would not include the additional burden of cards for CIs.

Do not presume that cost or simplicity is the limiting factor. It is more likely that RAFAC has been simply told that they will not issue MOD90 to CIs.


Nooo. Really? HQAC not thinking things through before implementing them?

They wouldn’t do anything like that, would they?..


I don’t think it is ill-thought out. It is exactly what was intended when the scheme was designed and is the best we could achieve when taking into account the many factors.

Much of the fault lies in the expectations of those complaining here and with others like them.

They are what they are for now. They are better than you had before and, with luck, we may improve them later on.


Wrong thread!


You think that control of who gets an official, recognised card is in any way down to RAFAC at any level?


I wondered! :slight_smile:


Now I see it but it’s greyed out :thinking:


The best we could achieve

We may improve later on

these could well be HQAC’s mantras and translated into Latin or similar and made into posters to put up in squadrons and all over HQAC. IT projects and the adult SNCO structure, fit nicely into these.

What this strikes you as is the contempt which HQAC continue to treat CIs with. There has been plenty of time to make this a proper ID card and send the details of the card to security/police to say this should be accepted when presented. FFS when I was first a CI and since becoming one again we get a scrap of paper from Wing when we go to camp, saying who we are and the RAF seem to accept that on some random individual’s (WExO) say so, so an ID card that you have to be on the ATCs computer system to get, is little more as said a membership card. The only problem with that analogy is the membership cards I have for organisations grant me entry to their establishments all over the country with no further question. This it would appear will not.


Given how far my Sqn is from an RAF station, and I struggle to think why we go there anyway, this card and it’s alleged use is about as much use to me as the door code to the international space station…

I won’t bother.


Do you have a picture uploaded to your profile?


I can’t see why they could not of issued an ID card like MOD employee or a contractor card with another colour and marked MOD Cadet Forces etc on it. Subject to the person having the correct security vetting to hold one.


This has been suggested before and knocked back.
Likewise I don’t know why every single CFAV can’t be issued with a one of the civilian ID card variants and ditch the MOD 90, aren’t we all now in effect the same status, ie civilians some of whom get dressed up. As for vetting, what vetting do contractors going on and off military establishments have and every single CFAV does that.


You’d think that since we’re all SC Cleared we would be eligible for some sort of civilian contractor ID instead of having to be escorted onto base by a 13-year-old cadet.


The problem there is it gives Civilian Instructors proper status and loses one of the arguments to persuade them to go into uniform. Imagine CIs from day one, being able to move freely, unhindered by a requirement to wear uniform.
It does seem in spite of the CI weekend the other year, HQAC are still no closer to recognising CIs.