CI "Membership Cards"

On the scrolling news section of sharepoint, there is a bulletin regarding the introduction of Membership Cards for CIs, Civ Comm, and Chaplains.

I’m assuming that it won’t be a MOD90, so I’m wondering what the point in it really is? Is it going to be another ‘Certificate of credentials’ fiasco? Has anyone seen any designs, or heard anything other than what has (not) been released so far?

I’m all for issuing official and accredited identification cards, but if it isn’t accepted in the guardroom the same way a MOD90 is, we may as well stick to the current method of bringing a passport/photo ID, being issued a temporary pass, and save the money…

I believe its not regarded the same ‘status’ as MOD90’s so will most likely not going to be accepted by the guardroom without a pass, however I believe it does mean that only green passes should be issued and not the red unescorted ones.

The design was attached to the letter to station commanders I believe.

Thanks for the info!

Wasn’t that what the certificate of credentials was meant to achieve as well?

Lets hope that it works as intended…!

No one with even the most rudimentary grasp of security would think that a DIY print at home ‘chit’ would be acceptable.


Read the ask the team on VoV page. It isn’t a recognised MOD ID document yet (I guess that’s ongoing).

The commandant has sent a mock up of one to station commanders to inform them of what it should look like.

This is the mock up which features a uniformed person :joy:


Ah yes, the terrific announcement which makes no sense at all…

So we need to familiarize ourselves with a policy document which hasn’t yet been released? Brilliant. Well done HGAC.


Spechul, so spechul…

This thread makes me sick in my mouth.

What a joke.

What is required to obtain one? So can I just mug it off and not do it. I don’t need any Mickey Mouse card that isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.

I find it interesting these are referred to as “membership” rather than “ID” cards.

On that basis, as a wording exercise at least, these shouldn’t be accepted as ID cards.

I could offer my “membership card” to the library, swimming pool, gym, RBL or Blockbusters and have the same level of “validity” as this card?
i have to echo @drillbitch’s comments. this looks very DIY and I wonder how many in the MGR will accept it.

can someone explain why a MOD90 or “MOD civilian” equivalent ID card would not be straightforward?
It includes name and expiry with the addition of height, DOB and branch.
Why try to reinvent the wheel???

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More crucially, can I get my 50% off at Dominos pizza?


The final version has just arrived -



Don’t be ridiculous man, that one is accepted at all branches nationwide…

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Not since December 2013 :wink:


The humour is “on point” in here today.

I hate that phrase BTW


Wow. I was thinking it might have been designed to look a little like a Mod 90, or even like the national identity cards you can get. But that looks more like the membership card I got when I was in the Dennis the Menace fan club!


THis looks more credible


You do all realise that they’re giving this to CIs as a trial before rolling it out to all CFAV’s?