CI "Membership Cards"


I’ve bimbled about Cranwell without being asked for a whole week both in Uniform and Civvies. Always been asked at Cosford though.


I’ve done bag packs and stood doing poppy collecting and I’ve no uniform so I just look like a creepy old bloke hanging out with young cadets in uniform. But all CI’s have their little gold badge when they get cleared. I’ve always worn my badge but it’s not very noticeable. I’ve had members of the public ask who I am which results in me telling them I’m a Civilian Instructor etc

I was a contractor working on a fairly big submarine dockyard and the form I had to fill out were nothing like the form I had to fill out for me to be a CI. On the dockyard after being a good boy for 3 months I moved from a red escorted weekly pass to a green monthly one, then another 3 months before I moved to a proper plastic one which had to be renewed every 6 months. There was all sorts of contractors getting their pass updated and they’d shred your out of date pass (I’d like to think they were recycled securely of course)

From the wing staff I have spoke to, they have told me in the past that CI’s getting a ID with their cheeky chops on is mainly due to cost followed by paper work and keeping it all up to date on a computer system which would also add more cost. At my sqn we’ve had 3 staff last a month to 3 months before leaving so if they had a ID card they’d have to be chased up to hand it in and then inform wing they’d left for someone to tap delete on their entry. I only asked that out of curiosity and long before I saw this post. Things may have changed since then tho…

My passport while being with a bunch of cadets has never failed me getting into a station. I don’t need to be recognised, as long as the cadets under my care and parents are happy to see the amount of activities they are offered and different things they get to do then that’s all I need.


Don’t forget the wonderful armband… I don’t ever recall seeing a CI wear one!! :wink:

Neither items (badge / armband) count as realistic / sensible / secure methods for proof of ID / access to get to play on a military base.


One of our new CIs wore the armband for remembrance last year. Still not sure he’s lived it down


an example of conforming to the dress regs has been laughed at


The Wg WO royally took the mickey saying no one actually wears them. None of the Sqn staff did but now Wg keep referring to him as CI Armband.


Hmmm, CIs / dress regs for civvies…??? :clown_face:


I’m a civvie and I have dress regs…


I think a more appropriate term is Dress Standards. You know like pretty much every job from working in a Bank to McDonalds.


Yep, but very different from “regulations” - the point I was trying to make.


Sorry but CI’s do have dress regs they are not as detailed as uniformed staff but they should conform to a standard, although some is outdated
if there was no regulations, then why are CIs not wandering about in MTP/DPMs or why does the organisation issue an Arm band? its not for a few giggles at the CIs expense


That would make me want to wear it more.


They do - RCO cses…,


Arm band have you tried to get one lol


I have been told as a CI I cant wear any MTP or DPM clothing. Usually on a squadron parade night or event I will wear a squadron polo so I don’t look like some random person with the cadets. Even on special events like a AFI or a Parade I will Wear a suit as i am part of the squadron so I think I should look as smart as the cadets and other adult stuff do.

With the organisation becoming further away from the RAF would it not make sense for CI who have past the 6 month probation and done a basic staff course the covers drill etc to then be allowed to wear the same uniform as everyone else but wear a Civilian Instructor taps. That would allow the public to see that we are part of the RAFAC.

By making it a requirement for a CI to do a basic course before being allowed to wear the uniform and being issued a MOD pass, this would allow them to decide to wear the uniform or not.

Personally I am not fussed about a membership card as it makes no difference in the job I do when in the squadron. First and foremost I am there for the cadets to give them the opportunities I had as a cadet and anything above that is a brucy bonus.


Theres your issue. Narrow minded people can’t get over this bit


[quote=“Big_J, post:115, topic:3488”]
would it not make sense for CI who have past the 6 month probation and done a basic staff course the covers drill etc to then be allowed to wear the same uniform as everyone else[/quote]

I became a CI precisely because I didn’t want a uniform.

I’ve been there, ticked that box and scratched that itch in the regulars.
It’s not about ‘being allowed to’, any current CI could do the courses to allow them to wear a uniform and become staff - in fact HQAC would prefer that…


the whole reason for being a civilian Instructor, is because I have no interest in being so. I have done my time in the green suit. I enjoy cutting about like a scruffy sod, cup of tea in hand and annoying all the officers.

Doesn’t say I can’t wear any Yank camouflage though…


Being an officer doesn’t stop me doing this. But I’ll add baiting the NCOs to the mix though. :wink:


Our wing still issue them…
Our CIs then put them in a drawer