CI "Membership Cards"


I don’t want it though. If I wanted an identity card, I would have joined in uniform. There’s a reason why I chose Civilian Instructor.



Big rough bloke? You Mean some scrawny Force Protection or RAF Reg sprog with gash weapon handling.

Depends why they are asking me for ID and where it is.


I don’t need a silly card to feel part of a youth club. I fee quite part of it as it is. There’s a reason why I joined as a CI.


Is there any link between Security Clearance and the issuing of MOD90s? As there is a requirement for all uniform cfav to hold security clearance, that must give some assurance that the holder of an MOD90 has had the appropriate background checks to be allowed onto a station unescorted.
CIs don’t routinely get SC unless involved in shooting, so is that a barrier to CIs being issued proper ID? I would imagine civilian staff working on military bases require some sort of security clearance before starting their work and being issued the civvy equivalent of MOD90.
If that were correct, then perhaps the civvy MOD90 type card could be issued to CIs who are likely to need to go to stations fairly routinely for shooting, flying etc. provided they have SC.


I was referring more specifically to the individual CI who stands supervising the Cadets without any indication they “belong” having no ID/Membership card.
With the branded clothing in view this negates 99% of anyone who who question in their mind who the odd-ball is standing next to the uniformed kids.

I take on board your point - arguably the only reason i need a MOD90 is entry to a MOD establishment. I use it almost as equally for discounts at the local subway and BK who offer “Forces discounts”.

I can gain entry without a MOD90 (see comments above) so there is no “need” for it - but my word it makes life simpler!


You do not require SC to be a uniformed member of staff nor do you need it to hold an MOD90, you only NEED it if you are involved in shooting. To hold an MOD90 you only need the baseline vetting that all staff have, same goes for contractor ID cards (dependant on what they do obviously).


If you look st the application form for the MOD90 it asks for an expiry date. The notes on the reverse explain that the expiry date relates to the expiry of your security clearance. So you need a SC to hold a MOD90…


Deleted deliberately.


You do. All CFAV have to complete a BSC on joining or applying for a new role.
It’s updated when your service is extended.


Ah. We’re confusing a security check with the level of security check.

As in, you need some security clearance but this won’t be to SC level unless you’re involved with shooting.




We need to move back on topic to membership cards. I have it on very good authority that we’ve tried to just do the MOD90 route but for various reasons it isn’t feasible, so let’s not go there.


Mandatory Requirement in my wing that SC process is commenced around application stage for uniform. Surely it isn’t the case that different wings are doing their own thing!


Pretty sure it’s policy to do BSC vetting for new staff or for existing staff applying for uniformed posts.


It is - SC is required only for shooting staff iaw ACP20 PI103. It may be that ST’s wing has taken the decision to SC everybody to avoid issues later if they start dealing with shooting.



Please move away from discussion security clearances etc here.


I think you are being silly of course folks will ask you who you are trying to get into a camp or within a barracks etc .it’s no big deal for folks who have MOD 90 etc and most of not all get an VA for doing do. Don’t forget a lot of Sqns run on CIs it’s Bloody insulting to say to a person you have the same vetting as me, but because I have a uniform I get an ID card and VA for as some payment of my time but hay you can go to the Guardroom and wait for a temp pass in your own time and don’t get VA for it . In NI CIs get a contractor ID card which is acceptable here in England I fail to see why the powers to be can’t issue a UK ID for CIs based on that model but change colour of pass


Someone asked and was told no, judging by @pEp’s comments. But as this has become a big thing we are going to do - part of 2020 strategy, rather than pushing back and making it worthwhile we said OK, we’ll do a membership card.

A Contractor MOD 90 for CIs would be useful, but as per this system just needs to be available, rather than issued to all, as not all will want an ID nor have need for one.


The thread was discussing the public scenario, as in bag packing, so don’t get all Whiny over it. I know you need a form of ID to get on a station.


You been to Cranwell or costford were you are asked everytime