CI "Membership Cards"


So do this mean RAFAC are now able to retain their MOD 90


The defence discount scheme has an enrollment system whereby you have to submit physical proof of service - you can’t just type in a made up number and get the card through the post.

I imagine whatever the new veterans card thing is will use the same software.

With regards to the cadet forces being the soft underbelly of MOD security, I’m afraid that that’s the cadet forces bigging themselves up and the regular forces ignoring their own failings - we’ve already had a Royal Marine of 6 years service being unmasked as a bombmaker, quartermaster and intelligence officer for the Continuity IRA, and the far right, and I mean actual Nazi’s, infiltrate an infantry battalion.

CFAV’s are, in that scheme of things, mouse poo…


The MOD90 isn’t going anywhere.


I dint say they were. If a member of the forces leaving is now able to retain their mod 90 will RAFAC be doing the same


RAFAC are not allowed… there was something published a few weeks back as you will not be a veteran…


That’s kind of understandable but why though would a sea cadet PO who has never done any military service be issued a veterans status/badge??


Interestingly, the MOD website states you can apply if you served in the regular or volunteer reserve. I wonder if that includes honoury RNR? Or VR(T) for that matter… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


As VR (not, VR(T) - no such commission) qualified for a Veterans badge (and I know some who applied for and received it), then I imagine as it was\is classed as a Reserve Air Force of the Crown that members just might be able to apply for the card.


I applied for and got a Veterans Badge by virtue of my TA B Type Commission.


More precisely those in the Ivory towers at Cranwell who seem to on an ego trip. Don’t they realise they left the RAF and they are doing this only because it pays more than B&Q/ASDA/Teso or doing the doors at 'spoons.


bought off ebay maybe?? You have to apply for it from MODMO they then check the records and issue… however you could fail week 1 of basic and get one as there is no time criteria !


Extract from DIN (no classification): The DIN made clear that ‘this policy on MOD Form 90 retention applies only to Regular and Reserve Service leavers of the UK Armed Forces on discharge. It does not apply to any other category of MOD Form 90 ID card holder”.

Therefore, when ceasing to be members of the Cadet Forces, CFAVs must continue to surrender their MOD Form 90 at which point it is to be destroyed in line with current policy.


But those of you that held VR commissions could keep yours?


Finally, the read reason why the CFC was introduced.