CI "Membership Cards"


To be fair, your CI may as well have presented his Dennis the Menace Fan Club membership card! The new RAFAC cards are not recognised ID documents as far as I can tell!


Very true as it states that in large letters on the back of the card.As to Dennis the Menace I used to be a member of that club.Knew I should have kept that card.


I clicked the button on my profile about a month ago about a ID card, I was given it last week. Another card for my bulging wallet…only I have more cards than money in it :confused:


Not all ID cards are equal - you have to be special to get one of these …



The point about access to any MOD establishments is that you have reason to be there; therefore if you are not based at such, why do you need an ID card?

Mind you where someone might have a pass issued by a Station Commander, does not mean you are immune to sanction by certain RAFAC individuals, where they deem it their prerogative to remove that authorisation, even though it is outside of ACO jurisdiction.

I think I prefer to stick with McDonalds loyalty, at least I get a free coffee.


Just ordered some of these so will see how long it takes!


I’ve just spent a weekend at RAF Linton on Ouse & they accepted the CI Card as ID at the gates. No need to show anything else.


We’ve been encouraged to send off for them quite recently. I’m yet to see one in person.


Mine caused great confusion amongst the MGS at our parent station - after a couple of phone calls they eventually settled on giving me an escorted pass.

That said the weekend before I got let in on an unescorted pass with the same ID… swings and roundabouts I suppose.


I wonder if these will be of any use to any ex-Service CIs? Moreover, will they be accepted for access to stns?

Veteran ID cards


I doubt it - they may well be accepted as proof of ID by stations, but I’d imagine that you’d still need something that shows that you need to be there (eg the CI membership card).


Another cheap sop to ex service men and women.


I think it will encourage people to Walt it up. Tell your GP you’re an ex squaddie, and get priority health care…


Veterans Walting by declaring they’re veterans?


Non veterans claiming they are veterans to gain access to priority health care




Well, how many people claim that they are ex-forces now, who have never served? All they stand to gain is an inflated sense of self worth. Give them a benefit for lying, and I can see numbers increasing.

If you’re feeling ill, and it’s a 4 week wait for a GP appointment for civilians, and 3 days for a veteran, what have you got to lose by claiming you’re ex-services? Use the Internet to research your chosen regiment, create a short but intense service career, and bobs your uncle.


But how does a CI Membership card encourage that? If someone is that intent on walting then a flimsy piece of civilian plastic declaring membership of a civilian organisation isn’t getting anywhere near their story - or it’s certainly not going to enhance it.


It isn’t. My initial comment was an off the cuffs reply to the comment made by @1993 - probably should have quoted it to avoid confusion!


Aha! All is now clear :slightly_smiling_face: