Carol Vorderman - Group Captain (Retired)

Ewan McGregor, I think that’s how you spell it. He is well know last time I checked, and slightly connected to RAF.


His brother was a Tornado Pilot, and apparently referred to as Obi Two…


That would be awesome

Not sure how true that is, I thought it was just something he referred to himself as in a tweet to his brother. None the less, having Obi wan Kenobi as an honorary Grp capt would be amazing

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Now a bus driver for FlyDubai I believe. Not sure he kept ObiTwo call sign.

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How about a requirement that they have at least been an Air cadet or Staff at some time?

As selected by the civil serpents to be the perfect puppet! :wink:

There is another wonderful Jim Hacker / Yes Minister sketch where he decries the thought of being Prime Minister, having no ambitions to move in that direction, but if selected, he might consider…

I will be that Jim Hacker! :rofl:


Spoils the point of someone from out the organisation coming in. Majority of people weren’t cadets & of the remainder the majority weren’t air cadets. A military link would be good but I wouldnt have that as a requirement.

Someone asked earlier what we would expect of an ambassador & I think the closest example are the good will ambassadors

I was going to throw in the suggestion of Dan Snow but he seems to have already been snaffled by the Royal Navy.

Not even a requirement for honorary Colonels in Chief, why would you require it for a brand ambassador?


If you want a historian then I would go for James Holland who has written some excellent RAF related books, or if you want to be really radical go for Jeremy Clarkson.


I’m a huge fan of James Holland and he is very much involved in his local community.

Getting him on board would almost get Al Murray saying nice things about us too.

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I would recommend his books on the Dambusters and the Battle of Britain, very readable.

Can we make people honorary warrant officers rather than Groupies?

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Nah let’s not disrespect them

Were on par with God dont you know


Out of curiosity, who would you have as a celebrity honourary Warrant Officer?

Appreciate that WO are meant to be close to God as you can be but I don’t think Justin Welby has the voice projection.

Brian Blessed on the other hand :slight_smile:


Cpl Nauyokas now Sgt RAF would be kinda cool, but before this generation


More of a bunker than par.

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Unfortunately he has passed on, the late Windsor Davies… lovely boy. he did a very good video for the RAF on HAS safety.


This one

Hazardous Ops (1989) - YouTube