Carol Vorderman - Group Captain (Retired)

Wasn’t he a WO1 previously in the Army? Interesting to take a demotion when re-joining with the RAF.

That would be excellent !

Al Murray gets my vote. Get piece on BBC Breakfast this morning on the Dambusters.

Understands many things :+1:

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Bruce Dickenson would be a popular. An aviator, owns aviation related businesses and would make band camp much more interesting for may.

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He is already an honorary Gp Capt in the RAF (according to Wikipedia) :saluting_face:

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Indeed! See @Otto_Lilienthal’s post!

Lets have Tom Cruise :sunglasses: after all he already knows about cadets and offered the King to be his Wingman


Also he’s a serious aviator.

I mean, I know it’s fantasy-land, crazy talk, but…

Imagine we had a cadet experience so good, and a comms team/culture to showcase it, that we didn’t need band-aid solutions like dressing celebs up in fancy uniforms and Ruritanian ranks in the hope that some of their glamour might rub off on us…

Obviously I’m half-cut, so just ignore this deranged stuff.

I’ve always admired the Cadet Division of the Civil Air Patrol (sort of ATC equivalent if you ignore JROTC/ROTC). They seem to have a lot of publicity around all their activities and “missions” in disaster relief etc.

BBC One, 9pm for fans of the ‘ambassador’.

Talking about appropriate people for an ambassador role, what about this person?

She’s a currently serving Royal Navy commando going through pilot training. Despite being a naval officer she’s in the aviation sector, and having overcome an eating disorder she’s now a triathlete, one of the only women to have passed the commando course and is all about inspiring people to overcome challenges.

Seems quite well suited🤔


Great role model - but I suspect that as she is already a serving officer, somewhat of a conflict to be given (Hon) Gp Capt rank!


Is Carol Vorderman still a fit and proper person to be an Honorary Gp Cpt, discuss?

Depends on when is & who wins the next general election.

I thought that calling out corruption, dishonesty and incompetence fitted squarely within Service Values, but if Service Values are more correctly interpreted as ‘be craven to dodgy tories’, then…


Doesn’t RISE contain integrity, something she seems to have in abundance when speaking about the government who have none?

Personally, whilst I think remaining apolitical is better, showing some fight, principle and backbone is a good example to cadets.

I think it’s similar to when we get cadets saying “I want to dye my hair purple”. Technically it’s against the rules but seeing as we see them for 4 hours a week max, who are we to say no. Same for Carol. She’s with us once or twice a year, it’s unrealistic of us to expect her to not have an opinion and use her platform to voice it. She’s doing a better job than the press are at holding corrupt ministers to account.


I think the overarching point is that the services and their affiliated cadet forces are meant to be apolitical. Vorders is an ambassador so should embody that principle. If she can’t keep her political views private as most in uniform do then she shouldn’t be allowed to wear jt


If only there was such a forum to ask pertinent questions such as this to the CoC.

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Oddly, reservists can be elected politicians - Foreign Secretary for example.

It seems somewhat bizarre then to believe that someone who is ‘merely’ an honourary reservist should not have the same freedom to air their political views as an actual reservist…