Building Alarms

Good morning,

Since a recent WHQ visit we have been told in no uncertain terms to permanently disconnect our alarm as we did not have it authorised, otherwise the building could not be used.

Alarm has been in place for eight years, WHQ has known about it all that time and we usually gat a heads up that a contractor is due, please leave the alarm off. Other contractors have been given the code, and managed.

Has anyone else had problems with alarms and WHQ/RFCA estates?

We fitted the alarm after a break in.

Sounds like complete stupidity from a WHQ. If you have a break in they will complain that the Squadron is unusable until RFCA actually do something to repair damage.

What is their rationale for stupidity?

Because it is not authorized.

I think in reality the admin assistant (or whoever) had trouble unsetting it and is taking her frustration out on us.

There was use of bold type in the email!

So petty stupidity and officialdom then. Do wonder what the local police would say, can you get them down for a visit to talk to cadets and offer advice regarding avoidence of becoming a victim of crime, criminality and security?

I would reply saying…
This was discussed 8 years ago at the time of the break in that due to the break in to get your contents insurance, various companies had demanded that an alarm be fitted as it is an unmanned building. Failure to do so will result in the building being uninsured. It was approved at the time of fitting. There for we will need to proceed by either

A) RFCA supplying and installing a new alarm system
B) RFCA adopting the existing alarm installation
C) all the insurance contents be covered by wing if they are stolen.

Can you please advise how you wish to proceed, until such time as this is resolved we have no way of ensuring our obligations to meet the insurance criteria so the alarm will be left on. A copy of the code has been supplied to wing previously if
You need another copy I will supply it along with an “idiots” guide on how to set and under the system.

Kindest regards

Send that to wing, copy in the wingco, wso and also prep the civcomm. If they get arsy get the
Civ chairman to write to the wing and regional chairman.

Ultimately tell them to do one!


I wish that could happen. We have had bosses in the past who would have done just that. We are rather ‘compliant’ these days.

Don’t be compliant!
Send the email, argue the wingXO at the time approved it after speaking to RFCA

What’s the chance of them being 100% sure they did that 8years ago???

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You can guarantee someone somewhere will produce paperwork.

I doubt it especially if you spin it that it was a telephone conversation

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But really you have to ask about the stupidity of this situation.

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Have you asked RFCA directly?

Nope. I’m just the oily rag. I’ve suggested things but he’s new and he doesn’t like me.

It’s ludicrous, agreed. They wanted to close us if we didn’t immediately permenently disconnect the alarm!

Isnt that in itself… self help?

I’m surprised that they don’t complain about how well the grass is cut…


Why? What reason did they give? How is the alarm any kind of risk to the building occupants?

I suppose I have some sympathy with the RFCA here. If I was a landlord and one of my tenants installed a mains connected hard wired alarm in my building and didn’t ask first, I’d be annoyed too.

I don’t know if that’s the case here, but that’s what I’d be thinking. That said, as long as it’s safe and working I wouldn’t then get them to remove it.


A few points a. Is it because it wasn’t on of RFCAs preferred contractors ‘friends’ who put the system in b. What are the actual objections c. As a landlord having someone else paying to protect the property sounds a good thing.

It is (was…) Wireless. Minimally invasive. Most sensors stuck with sticky foam pads.

The network we have installed is way more invasive. Holes in walls, trunking on the ceiling, sockets in almost every room.

The worst thing we did as an organisation was start collecting pcs, paying for broadband, and fitting networks. If there was a collective “no we aren’t doing it, please provide it” things would be a lot different now. The admin grant should now be £1000 per year for IT. Off topic. Sorry

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If RFCA was the landlord I would agree but they are not,
The people in the buildings parent organisation are The land lord, RFCA are only a glorified facilities management agency.

That’s where the issues come from people
Think the buildings are RFCA and their word is final. Under the law it’s the ATC,RAF, Army and so on who are the last word.