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What interviews? We’ve not been asked to do these.

Single change for greatest effect

I thought the BPSS part is just a check on where the individual lives, etc, undertaken by WExO. Interviews undertaken by WSO. Two different processes, but why can’t it be done by a single person!


We have been told that all persons going through BPSS must be interviewed by an employed member of staff as part of the process and that they must attend WHQ for this to take place as it’s too much trouble for the WEXO to visit units.

BPSS etc

Yeah, definitely not the process with us. We just fill in the form and hand it in, with a member of wing admin staff checking our ID documents, job done.


Love it. One Corps, 40+ ways of interpretating an instruction yet again.


We dont have to be interviewed. But not 100% sure if they have just said that to avoid a few hundred staff landing at wing now we all have to do it. It makes sense to “cheat” the system considering they know us and can vouch for us.


There is two different things here.

If a new individual, they need a BPSS check and CI interview at Application; why not the same person doing the same thing!

If existing staff, it should only be a check of credentials; why interview!


This is the guidance direct from HQAC

BPSS Process (Nov 18)


A new BPSS process was introduced to the RAFAC when IBN 12 and IBN 13 were released on the 9th November 2018. This new process affects all existing CFAV and prospective CFAV in the organisation.

The new BPSS (Pers 1-01) replaces the old Baseline Security Vetting Report (BSVR).

What does it mean?

Prospective Civilian Instructors MUST complete the new BPSS application forms (Pers- 1-01 including Mod 134, Pers-1-10, Pers- 1-19), as soon as practicable.

All existing Civilian Instructors, Padres and Civilian Instructor/Civilian Committee CFAV ARE NOT REQUIRED to complete the new BPSS process, if they have an existing BSVR.

Existing SNCO’s and Officers MUST complete the new BPSS application forms (Pers- 1-01), at least 6 months prior to the expiry of their current MoD F90 Identification document. WHQ will notify individuals when the process is required to be started. It is important to note that a replacement F90 will not be issued until the BPSS process has been completed.

Authorising Officers (usually OC Squadrons) must be Security Cleared (SC), before they can confirm the identity of prospective, or existing Staff (attached flow chart).

Note. All staff should read, understand and preferably sign the Mod 134 document.


All relevant documentation can be found on Sharepoint, which can be printed off for use. Alternatively, application packs can be requested from WHQ.

For No2 Welsh Wing:

Sharepoint > Wales & West > No2 Welsh > Documents > Site Documents > RECRUITMENT ADULT STAFF

For Merseyside Wing:

Sharepoint > Wales & West > MSW > Documents > Merseyside Wing Document Library > RECRUITMENT ADULT STAFF

Current situation.

Not all Sqn Commanders, or WSO are currently cleared to inspect personal documentation. Therefore, it is proposed that a three-stage plan be implemented immediately:

Stage 1. WHQ staff to complete the BPSS & SC process for any WSO, not currently Security Cleared.

Stage 2. Once cleared, WSO will complete the process for any Squadron Commanders, or their nominated uniformed CFAV. For Padres, the Wing Padre will be the operating authority.

Stage 3 (Steady State). Once Cleared, Squadron Commanders will complete the process for all existing and prospective Squadron CFAV’s. For prospective Civilian Instructors please refer to the attached flow chart.

Rank/Grade Pers 1-01*

(BPSS) Mod 134**

(OSA) Pers 1-10

(App) Pers 1-19

Prospective CI

  • Required when Mod F90 expires for uniformed CFAV.

** Mod 134 (Official Secrets Act). Staff are not mandated to sign this form. However, if they refuse the Squadron Commander/WSO should read out the document to the candidate in full and annotate the form accordingly.


I know it’s the nature of the process, but my identity hasn’t changed since the last three times I had my identity verified for various reasons within the same organisation…

Single change for greatest effect

The big problem with all this, is that people having to undertake the process have to take time off work, travel the WHQs to complete the paperwork.

Surely it’s better for the WExO to travel on a parade evening to a Squadron and be available to people from surrounding Squadrons to attend there to complete paperwork. Given the geographical size of some wings surely this is a better idea.


I flat out refused to do it just to get a new MOD90 unless someone could give me a good reason why it was necessary. Now they’ve agreed that as I have a higher valid clearance that is sufficient, finally.


Not the process in my wing and as you cam probably tell i am in that region.
In my wing there is no organisation to the process. A SC cleared person checks the forms and documents and all forwarded to WHQ. Sqn has to organise the visit of a SC CFAV to visit the sqn and check the forms.


Your identity hasn’t, but the documents you use to verify it might.


Apparently its to come into line with the RAF processes


Which we have also supposedly been following for years…?


that was certainly the impression i got when we were required to move from CTC to SC clearances to continue playing with weapons…