BADER SMS '500 internal server error'

SMS. going to do some cadets stuff in work. Got home and it was working fine.

Just checked in work and I can login fine.

One odd thing last night. I created a contact sheet for an event and it left a member of staff off the list. Just one, everyone else was there.

What was their personnel type? E.g. Ci/SNCO/CFC

SNCO. FS. There are two FS on the clearance. One on the list one not.

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Did you check page 2? If memory serves correctly, SNCO personnel type appears at the bottom of the list (alphabetical on type). Cant check right now as that page is 500ing!

FYI. Did a whole evening tonight with no SMS issues!

Massive thanks to the code ninjas in the background for fixing the bugs, glitches and gremlins which have plagued the system over recent weeks.

I appreciate you and all you’ve done as it’ll enable my cadets to get out and do!!!



Unable to access Attendance registers section at all tonight. Constant 500 error, rest of SMS working without any issues.

Is this still a known error or is it worth emailing helpdesk about? Got 7 parades registers waiting to go on

Can you reach out to the service desk confirming which area of attendance registers and which unit you were having this problem? This is likely to be a data issue that we’ll need to check in relation to a personnel record on the unit.

Will do! Thanks

I’m now getting a


Error trying to log on to SMS

I get this as well. It asks me to clear my cookies, which I do and this enables me to use SMS for about half an hour before I get the error message again!

I’m also getting this error, I can be in SMS when it suddenly just reloads itself and throws up this error. I’ve found closing the tab I have open, open a new one and login again solves the issue. Doesn’t seem to be connected to a particular page or task or even length of time logged in, just random.

Yep, same symptoms - logged in, SMS working OK over a couple of pages then the error message. Have to close tab & log in again.


I’ve given up and am having a beer instead

I’ll go back to the team to investigate the too many redirects error.


Get me another beer whilst you’re there?

Had more than a few of them earlier today - connected at home & obviously not a normal parade day. :wink:

Any update on this issue please? Still getting lots of redirects (home & at sqn), very annoying when in the middle of doing something, & having to log back in & start again.

Try logging back in in another tab, then refreshing the page that you got the redirect error on.

The issue seems to be when SMS has decided to log you out for inactivity.

I’ve always found using multiple tabs on SMS to be a death-sentence very quickly! If I need multiple things open I normally go for one on my phone and one on my laptop. Multiple tabs seems to confuse it far to easily!

Generally, yes. But it does get you logged back in again, which seems (for me) to resolve the redirect problem.