BADER SMS '500 internal server error'

Well, I wouldn’t call 15 secs of looking at an SMS event as “inactivity.”

Just to clarify, I only have the one browser tab open for SMS, other tabs are completely unrelated. Does the same redirect error for several browsers too.

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Bader says no.

Or more specifically, 500 internal server error, when trying to login to SMS.

Closing the tab and reopening doesn’t seem to be making a difference either tonight. Ah well, no admin getting done tonight!

I’ve had the 500 screen of death tonight as well. It’s getting boring now.

Yep. Broken again.

I must say I’m getting fed up with this error and other cumbersome requirements of Bader. I didn’t join to spend 6 hours a week trying to log stuff on the system, change browsers, log into my personal account to get to other emails and generally feel like the system is conspiring against me.

If anyone has any quick fixes to get things done, please share!


Sorry to kick the thread of again.

Is anyone having issues logging into SMS at the moment? Can get on all other apps but not SMS. Tried laptop and mobile, getting SyOps screen, ticking I agree with SyOps then hanging…

Contact your Bader PoC as you’ve likely been un-assigned to your role.