BADER SMS '500 internal server error'

I know I could ask the helpdesk but…
Consistently trying to add a specific new cadet, I get this error and his record isn’t created.
Something in the data seems to be upsetting it. Could be the home address in Kyiv; could be the international format mobile numbers; no idea. I’ve successfully added cadets with addresses in Russia and China so I don’t know why.

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I don’t think you can… recent announcement said not to :rofl:


and the ‘email the helpdesk link’ doesn’t. So you are probably right!

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I am getting this with SMS

Not much help there.

SMS appears to be broken since the last two regions were added to Learn and Units.


I’m happily creating other new cadet records - done half a dozen this morning.

This sounds like a Specific Issue and not a generic timeout issue so please do email the helpdesk so that they can investigate this in due course.

Totally unrelated, there was an update on Mon 20 Feb that has caused this issue and the email sent yesterday relates to this.

Following the update that took place on the 20th Feb 23 there have been performance issues identified, particularly during the evening when most Units parade.

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How long is ‘in due course’?

I doubt the cadet will stay longer than he has to (two terms) given he’s not allowed to fly.


So… because of the Error 500 timeout issues the helpdesk is getting a lot of mail, so this is delaying responses.

Yours is a specific issue, so will need investigating once they pick it up, but main effort is currently on the generic errors affecting us all.

Have you tried using their boarding address to see if that takes it?

I’ll give it one more go. Odd though that addresses in China and Russia aren’t a problem.

Weird. So I did it with just his guardians’ UK address, nothing weird, yet this cadet is still not being created. Nothing about his data stood out at all compared to others.

Humms says yes to china and russia but no to Ukraine… SMS sus

Anyone getting this?

Might be easier to ask if anyone is not getting that…


It kicks in if you’ve viewed a RAFAC meme page in the past 24 hours.


Is that gen, or a wind-up, because I genuinely haven’t done that.

A wind up - sorry - been one of those days

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Have done previously.

Reopening would get me past it when it did… Up until it happened again or Error 500.

This sms situation is now causing seriois issue.

Have bee advised that if i cant get cadets added to events, they cannot attend.

I cant get on sms, nor can any of my staff.
At all.

Flying this weekend looks like we will have to cancel then.
Sunday we have some AT. Looks like we will have to cancel.

Tonys final act to permanently kill off RAFAC looks like its succeeding.


It would help if HQ could put an announcement on Portal saying what is up, so cadets know they mightn’t be accepted on events in the normal timescales.

That would require joined up thinking and an appreciation that this not working is actually a problem.