BADER SMS '500 internal server error'

It was working fine in our neck of the woods this evening.

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We will take them! :smiling_imp:

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It’s working right now and also I had no issues last night accessing, although that was circa 2100-2300

What errors are you & your staff getting, happy to take DM

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We were getting error 500 on login.

However, by some miracle, i managed to get in 5 min ago and upload the necesary.

But we shouldnt have to try 15 times!

Least thats this weekend salvaged.

Now the struggle for next begins.

There is only one IT department that could implement an update, the following day watch the system fall apart, and not roll back to a known working point until the issues were investigated and fixed. Two weeks down the line, having put the organisation at risk, we are still waiting for a fix.

I say risk as, most of the time you cannot get NOK contact details for an event and, if you have a large event, means getting that manually. Our only source of information on our cadet is not available.

Yes folks, the issues you are experiencing are down to a self inflicted fault and we have to wait for it to be fixed.


There are plenty. Public & private sector. A fair few banks have had a good malleting from their regulators for such failures.

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I understand that a change made yesterday has been successful as no issues this evening.

Given the issues only occurred under load it would have been very difficult to diagnose by rolling back, and the actual issue may not have been solved with that as it was believed to have always been present just “switched on” by that update.

At the weekend (when events take place) I had no access issues personally as it wasn’t a parade night load.

All our staff get this every parade night. I now take a photo of the register, and any other non-sensitive data to insert at home when I know nobody else is trying to get online.
A Monday evening parade will usually mean many failed attempts at data entry and a successful attempt by Wednesday midnight. It’s a total nightmare, and it takes up so much staff time during parade nights.

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Did you manage to go flying and AT ? and did the weather kill it anyway ?
It was pretty snowy on Sat.

Quick revert to paper and drop it on the event cos desk

Flying canx due weather.

AT went ahead.
Pleasant hike.

Did you get it tonight, fix for this has been released so should no longer be an issue, was certainly working well on Friday

Still an issue for me. Looks like when it times out it just says it can’t load the page rather than trying to get me to sign in again.

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Yes! For once it actually worked! Although my mentor beat me to it tonight, but he assured me all was working perfectly well tonight. :pray:t2:

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I’m starting to hate the number 500!
Still having problems tonight.

My trick: the dashboard seems to be particularly prone.
Bookmark another page (e.g events), then if you get a 500 when signing in try going to the bookmark instead.

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I’m now getting most functions to work OK, but ‘Attendance Registers’ seems to prompt the 500 screen of death every time!

Hey, can I check what you were trying to access when you got this error 500?

Cadet Attendances works fine but the 500 of death when trying Cadet Absences in reports