Admin Orders/Instructions (New Template?)

Absolutely. Especially after seeing the fantastically unecessarily long Admin Order template that’s now been pushed out to us… for a major national activity, yes… for the average Wing or Sqn activity - you must be having a joke! Certainly not an encitement to want to organise activities.

Has this been pushed out to all SW?

Has what? This thread is so old it’s for The one who’s already left.

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The comment about an admin order template above my post

No clue, I assumed it was going to become part of a new ‘region standard’ variant. As I say, for major events then yes, it makes sense but for the average Sqn activity it’s a no-no.

Nothing seen my end.

Sorry, I’m living under a rock.

Where is this from? Emailed out? Sharepoint?

Unless it is a corps led admin exercise.


Came to me by email… not seen it on SP.

Some friends have sent it to me. 11 pages with no content.

Just tailor it for the size of event?

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You able to send it over?

I was going to say the same thing, we have Regional ones for AT but the expectation is that you only put in the hits you need and delete the rest.

What the actual…

Is this corps wide or SW only.

Whats the point?

Whats it for.

Which events?

PM me?

Apparently it “must” be used on all SMS events from now on or they won’t be approved. Granted, some parts can be redacted if N/A but there’s still a lot of unecessary info in there, such as the need to include Corps policy at various stages. My view is that if it’s already Corps policy, it’s not needed in the Admin order as we should be following it anyway!


Surely the admin order is there to tell you the things you need to know to deliver the activity? Not to tell you what the policies are, that’s what the ACATI etc are all for?!


Exactly. There is no need to re-state Corps policy in every admin order…. Yet the template and certain individuals in the CoC appear to be asking us to!

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Admin Orders are not just for staff eyes. They also go to parents, who don’t have access to ACATIs…

If there’s anything the Uniform too big thread is teaching me it’s that we ignore the parents at our peril.

Parents are a useful tool.
Nothing more.

They certainty do not run the roost here!

That’s where you have Admin Orders, for the general running of the activity, where staff need to know the information, and a seperate Joining Instructions, which go to the cadet.

A cadet doesn’t need a 20-odd page AO, they need a simple one/two sheets of “what, where, when, what to bring, who to contact, any issues…” kind of instruction.