ACP20 Pers Form 1-19


An email from a Wing demanding people do it or get sacked.



Certainly I haven’t seen anything from HQAC explaining the consequences of not signing (and a couple of my staff have refused so I hope that isn’t the case).


We were told the same sign or leave…
There is a deadline set by HQAC I’m led to believe
I’m going to be a total pain… it does say something along the lines of attend where possible

Well I’m busy for every mundane crappy thing our wing wants me and my staff for!


This is what we were told when it was first released in December, with an original deadline of 31 May…

The new RAF Air Cadets – Adult Volunteer Agreement. This has just been circulated via HQAC to fall in line with the new CFC, but applies to all Adult Volunteers. Can I please ask all staff to sign a copy and the return it to WHQ. Unfortunately I do need to advise everyone that it is a requirement to remain in the RAFAC that you sign it.

My entire staff team signed it in Jan, so not going to be a problem for us :slight_smile:


So the original IBN just says that:
“A list of individuals, who have failed to comply with the request by end May 18, should be sent to HQ RAFAC (Pers) by end Jun 18 for further action.”

Ominous and threatening sounding but doesn’t mention termination.


Our Wing CO was going to query it at the conference, I’ve never heard anything since. I haven’t signed yet so will let you know of men in leather trench coats come to take me away.


IBN11/17 only mentions “further action” post end of June in the additional information section.

Edit - should have whole thread before replying >.<


About the matter? Or from your Wing CO? Perhaps he never made it out o.O


As far as I’m aware no one on my sqn has signed it and no one has said anything yet.


If a large number of individuals haven’t signed it - it’s not in the organisations interests to apply any kind of pressure to do so. It’s been rolled into the process of all new appointments so eventually most/all will have it in place.


In my squadron, Only one person out of our 9 staff have signed this doc and it is not the Sqn’s OC.