ACP20 Pers Form 1-19



Now we’re no longer bound by the AFA, can we strike? Anti-Dawn protests? :wink::joy:


Has the dismissal in October been planned to avoid Bonfire night?


This is spot on and is why people put up with crap and BS from HQAC and HQAC know it.

I want to know if say 10% of staff don’t sign and they are kicked out what happens to the squadrons they are on? I can see a number of people in affected areas being asked to move to other squadrons and if they refused what then. Try and force them to move and they could well move to the comfort of their own homes on parade nights.

This just shows what a cluster the personnel management skills at HQAC are.


I’d love to see the current situation,
Where has and hasn’t signed in general. Is it a big bluff?!


I suppose we’ll find out from about 17th Oct if 15th Oct is real and they mean what they say.

You can see lots of snot mails and WSO visits with much arm twisting.


Nothing down my way yet.


Already done my last day is tomorrow then I get my life back


This will test HQAC’s approach to things.

If people have signed and nothing happens to those that don’t it will be end of HQAC and the assorted seat warmers. I know what my money’s on. Lots of noise from Cranwell and then the deadline gets extended and extended and extended.


I haven’t signed it and have little intention of doing so - mostly, it must be said, out of malevolent curiosity as to quite how hard they’ll push - but I’ve long since decided to give it up and concentrate on other things. It’s a pity, but with every piece of morale sapping idiocy it’s becoming less so…


I’ve just had one from my Wing Commander, concerning a member of my staff!


I’ve had an email from my WSO asking to identify any who haven’t signed so we can look at the issues it will cause.


… errr … they do the same to CivCom trustees as well

I think you will find it fundamentally comes down to avoiding uniform RAFAC volunteers being able to claim
proportional pension rights.

Employment … always a close topic for RAFAC … another area where they balance on a string, as you have picked up on.


Is there a spirit of rebellion in the air tonight. If enough rebel, the ATC closes down or aunty Dawn and her sycophants may lose their sinecures.


Theoretically if there was enough resistance could Auntie D be moved along to a new post in pastures new or would she have to finish her appointment?


Only on a fixed term FTRS Home Service contract from what I can see.


She vowed to serve the full twelve years regardless !!!

Not someone to invite to a party.


They seem very insistent on the need for all to sign or get rid of. They must be a very good reason why they feel that the corps can carry on as normal if a small minority of experienced staff jack it in/get pushed. Much has been said of getting your life back. There is only so much poo a person can take. Will the corps carry on? Yes. Will it be the same as it is now? Cant say but it will have to make do with less staff. This will probably mean less sqns. It should mean less FTRS, Siv Serv but it probably won’t. A previous Wg Cdr at the Corps conference asked when the plan came out for reducing one wing per region. He asked why don’t you also get rid of one region and keep 6 wing per region. Turkeys and Christmas and all that.
I believe the new contract is two things; 1 It is signing away your rights to employment rights and 2 as you are signing new terms and conditions you are effectively excepting the new CFC and relinquishing/resigning your VR commission. I could be wrong but sound plausible.
Whether it is legal is another issue. Forcing to sign a new contract is against employment law, at the very least it is bullying. They believe we are not employed, his has never been tested in court. It must have been past by the Whitehall legal department and thing it is legal.

It could be time to have a word with my union not that we are not covered by military law


It has been said before, maybe the CFAVs should form a staff asssociation for these matters as Air Fore law in no longer in effect.


I do believe everyone has signed documents already to abide by the rules of the RAFAC when we became staff.

This piece of cr&p just takes away any rights or privileges that staff had previously and put Dawn and her merry band of morons firmly in the driving seat with the ability to change rules without thought or consideration towards staff, but they will twist it that it’s for the good of the cadets.