ACP20 Pers Form 1-19


is that an indefinate suspension or until you sign up?

and if you sign up within a week (ie 7 days from today) will you be welcomed in with open arms and a cold pint on the bar with your name on?

and will that welcome be open for a month, 3 months, 6 months?

or will you have to go through the cycle of joining up as if a newbie?



I guess they will put people NEPS. Will this happen on Universe and will it take months to revert?

How will it affect CFM eligibility?


My understanding is that nonsigners are being suspended from the 20th Oct unless under one of the caveats for not signing NEP etc. Anyone not signed by 23 Nov will be considered as having resigned.

Between those two dates a letter detailing that should be being sent out by HQ to the individuals affected.


that one is easy for NEP you mark time up to a period (6 months?) - the clock is not reset upon NEP

all depends how they leave and how quickly and in what context they return


I’ve been chased over staff and told too late, they missed the deadline, it’s now down to Cranwell


Now it starts to get interesting, how many will sign or not sign and say good bye?


It will take another 6 months then!!!

Could it be construed as unfair dismissal? Can you be sacked for failing to sign a document when your attendance and discipline record is exemplary? Especially as it was not a requirement when you joined?


Try that in a civil organisation, for which are all now civilians, you would have the unions jumping up and down on the management.

Maybe people will just say thank you and good night.


Isn’t that what they want?


It would be interesting to know how many non-signers are still “active”, I know several who have left but are still just sitting on the system as Wing / HQAC are incapable of getting rid of them.
This might be a realisation at just how few staff there are, like has happened with cadets when SMS kicked in.


I signed this month’s ago and I’m still doing what I did before I signed the piece of paper. Cadets get kitted out in uniform when they need it, they have a safe warm building to enter and I make sure they have the kit available when they go on camps.

If you do the right things and you are in this civilian organisation to give back what you got out of the ATC back in the day, does this piece of paper have to ruin that for the cadets of today?

To be honest the day after I signed, actually…hours after I signed, I couldn’t tell you a thing that was typed out above my signature.

Can someone bullet point in their best typing what the downside is to this form that people are being forced to sign?


It doesn’t stop people doing things, per se.
I read it and signed it, but the content is concerning as it is written as an extremely one sided agreement, with nothing in it for the signees. As my wife said, it’s written in such a way that they can eat their cake and keep it.
If this was presented in the workplace unions would be all over it, demanding something extra for the people signing it. But as they are clear to say it is not an employment contract, however it allows more control over people and because it’s been signed this cannot really be challenged.
It will, once they get round to enacting their threats in the first instance, allow purges down the line.


For once I had a general enquiry and wasn’t looking to come off as funny git, or not so funny. I honestly don’t remember a thing about it. If I remember I will have a re-read of it next parade night.

Just wondering, if so many people are not happy about signing as I call it “Just a piece of paper” (in my opinion) why did no one think about making a petition? They seem to get those through the door at Number 10 every week. Could the disgruntled non signees get together and show how unhappy they were with the wording and tone of the piece of paper? From reading a few people’s posts who are waiting for their voluntary p45’s, surely by leaving they are letting cadets down and not fighting.


DontCallMeSir, I think alot of the disgruntled/attitude about it, is the way it has been done, coming on the heels of the way other things have been done RAFVR(T) to RAFAC being a case in point. It appears to be a very heavy handed, uneven approach directed by those on high, who have no conception that those at the coalface might have thoughts and opinions of their own.

As for letting cadets down, surely it must be accepted that at some point there will be a straw that breaks a volunteers spirit, I too signed it, but a bit grudgingly, as I could see no real purpose to it from my perspective and it is just another nail in the ‘valuing the volunteers - yeah right!’ signpost that the ACO seems to be in at present.

Onwards, (for now)


Not signed it yet - and not going to - my OC sent me a text last week to say that I need to sign it asap, but without much imploring.

We aren’t fans of each other, I rather think he likes the idea of getting an easy ‘kill’.

I’m not fussed. My affection for the day-to-day reality of the ACO is on the bones of its backside, my new OC is a bit of a throbber who has moved the Sqn away from the things I value about the cadet experience, and it’s far to far for me to go to another Sqn…


I changed it to ‘senior’


Given we aren’t in the RAF anymore they can’t even be considered as senior, unless it’s in relative age.


Ah, then I’m senior to a lot of them!



Colleague … ?


Probably because there are no where near enough CFAVs to hit the number at which it would be considered. If people wanted to make a point, then not signing it would seem to be the most notable.

Right, so you don’t have a hierarchy in your civilian job? :roll_eyes: