ACP20 Pers Form 1-19


i believe Teflon is wrongly assuming because they are military and were are civilian there is not seniority.

arguably there isn’t - but in the setup of the organisation there is - else what makes a CFAV Sqn Ldr senior to a CFAV Sgt?


We have seniority at work, but the difference from my perspective is at all levels they have relative experience and the majority have had shop floor experience and they by large have the respect of the workforce.

In the ATC / RAFAC at the top we have a group of people who get parachuted in and have about as much idea about the “real ATC” and us as the vast majority of us have about the “real RAF”, in terms of jobs etc. Accepting someone’s seniority comes down to respect for the role and individual in that role. The people who come in to the ATC may have been brilliant in their RAF lives, but that doesn’t mean they will be any use in the ATC. It doesn’t help that it seems, to justify the FTRS post, there is a lot more tinkering in things they don’t understand than there was prior to the invention of FTRS. Give them a job in the which the entire focus is on delivery of an area and just where providing it and or us with the means to delivery and nothing else, no CAC, RCs et al. My respect for these people has diminished, I’ll salute them and address them correctly, when I see them but that’s it.


Has anyone heard of anyone getting the “You’re sacked” letter yet, seeing we are 10 days passed the deadline?


Steady on … haven’t ordered the ink and paper yet!


You missed the sharpened quill’s


That is because they are reserved for the unformed volunteer’s backs :frowning:


Good job bayonets are not on the scales of stores issues.


Have I been sacked yet?

I’ve not heard anything from anyone by email - I’m no longer a regular visitor to my Sqn…


Someone who is NEP at my Squadron, and didn’t sign the VA, has not been sacked yet!!


I thought D Day was this Friday, so we’ll see if they follow through and know by this time next week.


Those who are NEP won’t get sacked as they’re in the None Effective Pool.

Those who are active and should have signed but haven’t then they should have had letters by now if HQAC were to be believed.


Nah it’ll be after the fact and using WROs as a gauge for advising of changes some time Q1 2020.


Well today is the day … will they do it or is there going to be another extension.


So far,


so, have i been sacked yet?

(i don’t particularly care, my OC doesn’t want me around and i can’t stand him - i’m just amused…).


still no news chaps and chapess’s?


Weve had our non signess binned this week


Out of how many staff?


3 out originally 11


There’s 3 of us at our (former?) Sqn, out of 8. The effect is mitigated by all of us being on the semi-detached end of the involvement scale, but Sqn weekends away - such as they now are with a massive throbbed for an OC - are out.