ACP20 Pers Form 1-19


So it seems November 23rd is D day


So … you mean after all the Remembrance Day parades …


How surprising (not) another slide of dates. Im so glad I left now.Have these people no integrity?.Silly question I know.


And come 22nd of November the date will slide again particulary when they truly discover how many will not be bullied and walk.


Hands up everyone who was surprised that the date went backward?


Is there any chance these people could set an actual hard date for this - I need to prepare my flounce.


Well I guess this is to give a “reasonable” time between the suspension and SNLR letters


The original date was 12 days ago, why the slippage. You just need a standard letter to have been dispatched on the 2nd.


Surely you need a formal letter to each non-signer and a chance to sign? Only Bader accounts got the email, what if no one told them?


The problem is these came out late last year with an end of May cut off. It was left over the summer holiday period and once that was out of the way a new cut off, now ir would appear with the busy Remembrance period approaching, another cut off date, which will clash with the festive period, so you can see another one looming.
However as said the letters are little more rhan the sort of thing that comes out from HMRC, DVLA, NHS, Councils etc etc, where someone hits the button, fields filled, letter printed, folded, stuffed into an envelope, franked and sent on its way. IF they had to be done by hand with someone using a pen and licking a stamp, you could sort of understand it, but not really.
I wonder if I could not tax my car and when stopped they’d say do it by this date, which I don’t and then get another date etc.


So all this “You must sign this by the 1st October or you’ll be confined to unit” and “If you don’t sign it by the 15th you’ll be sacked” was nonsense!
HQAC can’t even bully properly!!


Just as well as they’d have to investigate themselves and God knows how that would end up.
Mobuis ring perhaps.


One of the words that crops up in this document is “superior”.
Who on earth are these people in HQAC to say they are superior, when they aren’t even senior to any of us civilians.
I do hope they don’t think they are superior to me or better than me, as they would be in for a surprise.
It seems a very antiquated term and something you could imagine the local lord or laird thinking of themselves in relation to the peasants.


And I am certain you are perfectly aware of how it is used in this context, having a couple of related meanings as it does.

To quote from Down Periscope:

Rear Admiral Yancy Graham : [over radio] I expect you to abide by the rules of this War Game.
Lt. Comd. Dodge : Since when did the rules ever matter to you, Sir?
Rear Admiral Yancy Graham : You watch yourself, Dodge! You are addressing a superior officer.
Lt. Comd. Dodge : No… Merely a higher ranking one! CATCH US IF YOU CAN!


The intimation is they know better than us because they’ve managed to ascend the RAF greasy pole by whichever means and then to avoid collecting trolleys in a supermarket or advising on screws and kitchens in B&Q come into the ATC, when in fact if anything we know better than them about the ATC.


FTRS pays far better than counting screws or collecting trollies at a supermarket.


Great. Good from you.


I have a mate in the ACF and they have all had to sign it a year ago. He said it had come from MOD centre and all CFAVs in all cadet forces had to sign it.


If that’s true (which it very well may be) then why can’t HQACRAFACACACAC implement the directive from their superiors?


Got until 16:00 today to e-mail wing to say I will agree to the abide with the document and post a signed copy.
If not suspend.