ACP20 Pers Form 1-19


At least Chamberlin’s ‘piece of paper’ allowed the RAF to expand and prepare for war.

It s also a way of stopping complaints going outside the ACO via service complaints procedure and the activities being seen by people outside HQAC who maybe critical or have a different view of a complaint compared to the Dawninator and her well paid acolytes.


So to be clear your position is that they should have binned everyone and no one?


I don’t think they should bin anyone as this piece of paper is one the same level as 3 ply with perforations being tugged by a puppy.

However this extending of deadlines is a nonsense and if they were going to do anything it should have been in June as per the initial trawl, let’s face it people will have had best part of a year by October. Having another 2 deadlines within a couple of weeks is rubbish. People are daring HQAC to pull the trigger and have they got the balls to do it. I’m safe for the time being having signed it. A worry is that HQAC have in their mind a percentage attrition they are happy with. Now that would be a concern.

I’d bet they’re all Remoaners in HQAC wanting numerous referenda until such time as they get the result they want.


Mabye they hoping that with the ‘strategic review’ that people will walk rather than transfer and those who walk are not ‘signers’ anyway. Again this could be a numbers game for the Dawninator and friends.


But how can reducing staff numbers help? Even if we are reducing units?
Cadet numbers, on the whole, have been stable for many years. It’s Staff number that are falling.
If this “agreement” is a way of reducing Staff, surely it is a random and unplanned way?


Look at other issues and think how they have been handled.


They are playing a dangerous game.Its akin to the Fuhrer Bunker in 1945.You can just see all the sycophants telling CAC how wonderful everything is as the artillery barrage moves closer.


I’m surprised someone hasn’t done a Downfall parody.


I don’t have the editing skills…


someone has already made it easy…

The North Korean news lady could be turned into a great flying/gliding/PTS delivery report…

Now is this competition time?

Entries to be submitted to cac@aircadets…


You mean like this, someone has a sense of humour about the new T&Cs and the forthcoming strategic review at the end of the year.


The best one I have seen is on YouTube about Scotland’s commonwealth games kilt uniform

But we better get the thread back on track…


This is HQAC’s SOP.

I think if the numbers of non-signers had been 5% or so, (conjecture) I feel that the losses would have been done in June. But I think it’s a lot higher than this and as the admin around dismissing people would have had to happened over the summer. But it was a lot more so they’ve let it ride and come back with this load of BS.

The worry we should have is are they prepared to accept the consequences of losing staff? It’s not been a concern thus far. if there was a loss of staff directly or indirectly as a result of this, they would not see themselves as being part of the problem and lay the blame at the feet of CFAV. I know they want to reduce the number of squadrons, but the problem is in something as unconstructed as this, it becomes random.


I’m not rushing to sign. I’ll wait for the OC to remind me. He hasn’t so far!

When I do sign, I will write ‘signed without prejudice’ next to my signature as suggested by a friend with legal training.

Another way would be to write VC before your signature as explained nicely here:

I wonder if they would even realise?


Hmmm. What can we infer from that? :wink:


I’d be careful taking legal advice from someone who sells ‘crystals and miracles’ .


I would ask my wing legal representative but the post is vacant


You might be confused with a backwards VC recipient.


“V.C. signature” is the correct way of signing a document under duress.


It is short for Vi Coactus