ACP20 Pers Form 1-19


Like paying a bill ‘under protest’ thereby retaining the right to query it afterwards - otherwise paying it might be taken as agreement that the bill was justified.

RAFAC Volunteer agreement, again

What’s one of them?!?


Another way would be to write VC before your signature as explained nicely here:

You cannot be serious!!



I have just been informed that the ACO has lost 15% of CFAV over 3 years, more than the ACF and CCF (Army). How is this document addressing this?
I presume the Scrambled Egg will say it is to legitimise the relationship between HQ and staff. But when you are being bullied into signing it, it doesn’t seem very legitimate!!




A source senior to me, not in my Wing!


According to MOD statistics, ATC CFAVs have went from 9900 in 2015 to 9910 in 2018.
However between 2013 and 2015, they went from 12080 to 9900 - a drop of 18%.


The stats for 2017 - 2019 would be interesting…


So no proof then.


My wing now has only 37 officers for 22 sqns with one sqn having 4. Minimum for 22 sqns acordind to scale in ACP 20 is 88.


How many NCOs? The uniformed roles are interchangeable for establishments. (though if be suprised if that made up the shortfall)


Not 100% sure of the numbers of SNCO but I think it is fifty something or 60 something which is still well under 88.


My old wing has 35 sqns and is very short of commissioned staff.Quite a few sqns are run by SNCOs and WOs


Proof provided by Cadet04 (Thank you!)


Aside from the losses, take these figures with a pinch of salt. I’ve got one member of staff on the books that I have asked repeatedly for the last 3 months to get removed and one of my mates has 3, whoi have been sitting there for 2 years, despite asking. He said to someone of limited intelligence ie Wing, Region and HQAC it looks like he’s got 7 staff, whereas in reality he is struggling to keep it going.
So there’s 4 to come off the numbers.

The set of figures missing for my money is ages of CFAV, broken down by gender, overall and by uniformed / non-uniformed. It would also be interesting by Wing.

The 2019 numbers will be interesting to see if they have binned people like they reckon they will.


Have you submitted a Pers 1-09 or 1-15 for them?


Could have but held up in the admin black hole at HQAC; know of staffwho left months ago but still nothing back from HQAC to confirm discharge…


I suppose the good news is that they won’t have signed a 1-19, so should be removed shortly regardless.


Given that it has taken HQ something like 9 months to action a couple of official retirals from my squadron, I am wondering how efficient they will be about clearing out the non-signers.


Finally I have reluctantly submitted my forms. I wonder if I will be told that I haven’t done it and get sacked? That would be the normal admin state of affairs!