ACP 1358 - New Dress Regs

To Quote @JoeBloggs we’ve got new dress regs


Cheers :slight_smile:

I for one am happy to see this become an ACP. Hopefully this allows slightly quicker changes when required! And maybe it’ll give us some more flexibility too? Who knows!

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The biggest issue I’ve found, there is no longer a loophole allowing officers to wear berets in blues :cry:


Don’t tell @Baldrick! I hear he liked that change while it lasted :sweat_smile:


Unless I’m being a complete Muppet here…

It looks like (according to the tables after each dress mode), that warrant officers are only permitted SD hats… No option for forage hats or berets according to those tables… Unless they are included in the catch all of officers.

Which table are you looking at?

you’ve got para 212 a (supposed to be d)

WO / SNCO RAFAC. Are to wear a beret. The WO No 1 SD hat or field service cap are optional for RAFAC WOs, airmen’s No 1 SD hat or field service cap are optional for RAFAC SNCOs. However, these have to be purchased from non-service sources and must be of a current service pattern but not QCS style.

but the Order of Service Tables for No2 Full, 2A and 2B state

Hat: No 1 SD for officers and RWO / WWOs (Note 1 & 2). Beret for other ranks.
Note 2. RAFAC WO / SNCO may wear optional No 1 SD Hat or field service cap

Shouldn’t that be KCS style now?

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Yeah. That second bit.
Gives the option of forage cap, but no option for berets as I read it.

You read it right.

Intentional? Little bit surprised if that’s the case.

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Sorry thought we were still on about officer berets…ill be quiet

Does this mean RWOs and WWOs are not allowed to wear berets in blues.

Other WOs and SNCOs can though?

Is there still an allowance for if officers don’t have a SD hat?

I see there is still a perceived need to be formal in cold weather… wearing of ties in 2B SD for staff is still required (though some staff curiously dressed at the RAFAC WO conference)!

That’s a RAF thing. Ties with jumpers with exception of 2C.

So why is an exception made for some at the conference and not for all? Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for it as it makes far more sense in a day-to-day environment and frankly was a silly rule to start with. But why the double standards…

I’ll climb back in my box now…

That’s what it says. No berets for them either anymore.

Youll find theyre blouses which are never worn with ties, regardless of jumper or not.

Good thing i hardly wear mine :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’ll be getting me a blouse then!