You know what really makes me laugh?


Dilbert strikes a chord today!


the Historical Sexual Abuse Audit thread.

started by a user who has done nothing since creating the post (shortly after creating their profile) - created the post, posted twice and was quickly accused of being a journalist fishing for a story

yet it has almost 150 posts which feeds the curiosity of the OP - which is what was the point of the post, but given the early replies i find it funny that people choose to stay clear
“Mr Journalist. Sir, respectfully I am not in a position to be able to comment on this matter”
(that individual has replied 15 times in so far to the topic, the second highest individual replies)
then as soon as someone raised their head above the parapet then 130+ comments flooded the topic!


I stated early on that it should be deleted.


Who picks the names for storms?

Storm Gareth … not very menacing.

Why not Knuckleduster, Bloodvomiter, Steamhammer, Gutwrencher, Skullcrusher or something like that, which implies something nasty.

Gareth sound like an annoying oik with a Corsa with a peco, silly lights and 15 inch woofers in the boot.


Storm Teflon?


Not in the slightest bit menacing.


But lots of wind!


Storm teacup :coffee:


Only after an egg and baked bean curry with side of cabbage.


Brian Storm was the best.


Der Sturmer still popular with some members of a certain vintage…


the Met office

The Met Office hoped that naming big storms will make people more aware of them and how dangerous they can be…

…In September 2015 the Met Office started a special campaign called Name Our Storms, asking the public to send in their suggestions for names.

As you may have noticed they go boy-girl-boy-girl-etc

Link with more information


Stormy McStormface



The fact that Boaty McBoatface is still being trotted out as an example of how the internet is terrible really shows that the thing was started by somebody who has never been that deep into the internet.


Storms are named for insurance purposes, so that companies can attribute losses to an event. My sister in law worked in insurance many years ago and dealt with things in the US and said they had files relating to all named hurricanes.
Still if you want to people to remember them I’m not sure Gareth et al are particularly memorable.


I could see that working in the USA


As we’ve started to get more frequent weather events in the last few years, you can see it’s need here. Until recently damaging storms hitting large parts of the UK were a rarity.


I had a quiet chuckle when it came out that they couldn’t find any link between Donald Trump and Russia wrt the last US election. I suppose the democrats will now look for something else. Apart from some of his questionable comments, but that’s the sound bite nature of SM for you, he does seem to been quite determined to put the US first and nuts to everyone else, if only we didn’t have simpering Europhiles running the UK. :disappointed:


Being half american (its not my fault!). I prey rhe biggot doesnt get a 2nd term