You know what really makes me laugh?


If you want to make disparaging remarks about the electorate and openly debunk democracy, don’t expect all of them to just sit and take it. It seems Soubry et al seem to think they can hide behind being an MP to allow them rights they want to deny non MPs.




Exactly, dislike them all!!


We never from 1979 had this over the muders of Airey Neave, Ian Gow, Sir Anthony Berry and the Rev Robert Bradford by the PIRA and the attempted murder of Stephen Timms by a religious maniac.


It’s not as loose as Leather Worker makes out. Funnily enough, after 32 years, the usage of the Public Order Act, is pretty routine. It being almost the most utilised piece of criminal legislation on the book.


This just in; society changes.


You failed to address my previous comments and continue to peddle dangerous and deluded views about the rights of elected representatives to hold their own views. It’s attitudes and rhetoric like this that create the atmosphere in which someone thinks murdering a MP is a good idea.


Except it was amended in a very fundamental way by the Conservatives when they removed “Insulting” from the definition. The words used now must be either threatening or abusive and calling someone a Nazi is neither of those.

Plus as I have already said their is an expectation that Articles 9, 10 & 11 of the ECHR will trump most Summary only offences when it comes to protest as that right is seen to be more important than low level crimes or the routine inconvenience to others.


Yeah, no. Tell that to Fracking protesters.


Most fracking protests have been given more than enough rope and have moved form “routine inconvenience to serious disruption to the life of the community” hence why enforcement is taking place.


Topic. Back on it. Good humour and banter please.

Not politics - even though it is largely a joke!


People asked me to stop naming Bruce Willis movies…
but you know what they say, old habits pulp fiction.

Does this count as good humour? :joy:


I wouldn’t say popular is the right word… frustrating maybe?


Making me laugh? The RAF social media team. Again.




Can’t you see the Puma behind the Merlin?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


No as there is a Lancaster in the way…


How very apt, post 617 mentions the Lancaster - planned or happy coincidence? Either way, my day has just improved tremendously!


This, Big Dons own team even telling us hes lieing

Check out @HomelandDems’s Tweet:


Not sure I would count the house do representatives as his own people lol