You know what really makes me laugh?


Feel as though that should probably have ended with a mic drop.




Even sadder if I were the only one.

Also teenagers doing what equates to homework during Christmas, has to be a first. Their teachers would be astounded as they knocked back another glass of something.


You sure seem to think lowly of us for somebody who works with teenagers.

I write things for fun, that must be a culture shock to you.


Don’t feed the troll.


Missed out on the New Year honours list. Again.


I blame your OC


So do I.


Sometimes I wonder how these awards are chosen…

I do know some people who got them and deserved them too, well done to those who got them.


Some like the Thai divers are well deserved. Others like “services to entertainment”… or worse still those who get them for simply turning up and doing their job once at a certain civil service grade.
That really nerks me off.

I don’t deserve one btw. Or at least not until another 10 years completed :thinking:


One of the officers in our wing showed us his great grandfather’s OBE. it was intriguing as the king was too unwell to present it, it was posted out with a letter and if I remember correctly it went something like

Given for services to the country in its desperate time of need, I thank you personally for the work you undertook on our behalf


All hand written, it was never spoken in the family about All they knew was he joined the forces in the 1st world war and then retired from the air ministry.


To be honest, I have more respect for the civil service recipients than I do people who got one for “services to dance”.


What makes me laugh - not Christmas Cracker jokes…


If they are just getting for doing an office job, do they deserve it … no. Do they deserve it in the armed forces for doing their day job and or getting promoted … no. What makes them more deserving than the millions like us who get up and do a day’s work?

As much as I’m no fan of the sports and music ones etc, at least they have been doing it for years from childhood and had to keep doing it, many of them while doing a day job as well.


No more Film **** on the BBC, for no other reason than being one less thing for Winkleman to be doing. She really is a talentless money pit.
I quite liked Barry Norman, as if he said a film wasn’t very good, you could lay money on the fact you’d like it.


She hasn’t presented it since 2016…?


She was on it the last time I watched it and assumed as for some reason known only to the almighty the BBC seem to like her, she was still on it.
Winkleman is in the same league as Zoe Ball, who will mean it’s R4 until 9.30 when Ken Bruce comes on R2. At least Evans is a broadcaster and not someone who has got a job because of the fame of a parent.


Making me laugh? I’ve clearly been reading the “Wing Chairs” thread too much as I’m now being bombarded with adverts for these…


Time for a cookie refresh?


Might have too! Dam you Google algorithms!!!

Although, if anybody is interested, DFS are offering 0% credit on theirs.