You know what really makes me laugh?


Can you please explain how those two statements are linked? One discusses people coming here, the other discusses emigrants going elsewhere but you act as if the latter explains your mirth about the former?


Wait, I got it!

Your friends who wanted to emigrate were unable to because of the relevant countries’ nationality rules.(and were probably understandably disappointed.) And you find it funny that in the future people with similar aspirations from other countries will find it similarly difficult and THAT makes you laugh?

See, all I had to do was look at it through a bitter lens.


In fairness to Teflon, Balders, I read his post as meaning that other countries have (fairly) strict entry criteria and we have a more lenient one.

I don’t feel he was making light of it in any way.

The EU have always had FOM as one of their four freedoms (which is a sound concept in theory but has multiple failings in reality) whereas the rest of the world have a harder approach to migration which fulfils the requirements of the respective country (ie: skilled workers that are needed) and isn’t heavily loaded in favour of the migrants themselves (ie: some of those who come here simply to take advantage of the NHS\benefits etc).

I personally feel that our overall immigration policy (for EU and non-EU migrants) needs a damn good shake up.


Then why isn’t in the what really makes me laugh thread of he isn’t making light of it?


Absolutely it.
FOM in the EU has reduced some of manual and other skills in the British workforce, which is detrimental to Britain. A couple of blokes I know with building firms have said they have become reasonably fluent in several East European/Slavic languages (mostly the expletives), as the majority of their labourers, chippies, brickies etc come from these countries and happy to work for the money they offer, this has reduced the compulsion to take on apprentices, although they do take youngsters on. The majority of cleaners we have at work aren’t British now, whereas years ago they were. So the idea of tighter immigration controls is a good one. If there is reciprocal action from the petulant EU so be it

One of the problems with the EU is it tries to act like a single country and impose one size fits no one arrangements.

The bit that makes me laugh is the CBI getting snotty as they will lose cheap foreign labour and might have to train and employ British people, like they used to.

As I said, look at the list of things you need to do/have to emigrate to non EU countries, you can’t just pitch up and expect to be taken in.


Ever heard of rhetoric?


The art of using language to convince or persuade? Yeah, but Teflon is hardly one of its past masters, so please forgive me if I jumped to the conclusion that he was just being a bit miserly.


“Miserly” that’s polite and makes me laugh so is actually on topic :joy:


Oh no! A proud Brit having to learn some of a language other than English. Painting that as a negative speaks volumes.


So you say they had to learn other languages, yet they were the people ultimately responsible for the hiring practices? Unless you’re about to do a massive back-peddle and claim to have misrepresented what you meant, your example has (as usual) fallen apart at the slightest of inspection.

That makes me laugh.


Oh well think what you like.
The blokes would sooner employer British tradesmen, but many of them have gone away from general site work because of the slump 10 years ago, and also because of that, trade training of any meaningful nature took a hit and it has been a necessity to employ migrants.
The need to “learn” a language goes with the territory, however they find the people coming to Britain want to speak English as much as possible, hence as employers they are mostly fluent in the foreign expletives. I know many who have worked abroad and become working fluent, but they have all said it is difficult as practically everyone wants to speak English, so they said they’d go out of their way to get in first.

I still amuses me that the CBI got all defensive about the predominately low skilled, low pay areas such as hospitality and agriculture. One of the reasons foreign workers get employment is because the CBI have connived with governments to make jobs in ‘building’, nursing, hospitality and agriculture etc unappealing to kids as they are regarded as low paid, dead end ‘shitty’ jobs, they need to have a reasonably high qualifications to start courses and the loss of the starter for the new “boy” / “girl” where you fetch / carry / make tea etc. We get youngsters start work who think because they have got a qualification or two should be running the place by week 2, as it has been instilled in them by teachers and so on how wonderful they are because they have or will have this and that.
With these immigration restrictions we have a real opportunity in Britain to reinvigorate areas of work for British kids and remove some of the stigmas that have been attached to them and remove the requirement / dependency for importing more labour than we need.


Clearly a crap boxing day without presents to play with for my cadets. Had 12 cadets email to say they completed leading exams (5 of which went on to complete senior when I gave them access) plus another 3 completed senior and one completed master.


How so very sad.
Don’t they have a life?
They should be enjoying being teenagers.
We’re on stand down until the new year, so I wouldn’t respond to any emails.


Ok please tell us you were working and not taking time out from the family to do cadet stuff at Christmas :grin:


I was using it as an excuse to escape the inlaws for a few minutes.


Almost as sad as a grown man going on an online forum to criticise teenagers for doing something they enjoy during their holidays.


I’ve certainly been bored at times since Christmas…


I have been bored quite consistently. I’ve been out to the squadron once and will probably be there a couple of times more before we are back after the break.

Thankfully I am working in-between the weekends and public holidays, so it isn’t too dreadful.


Just sat watching for the umpteenth time 633 Squadron, you can’t kill a Squadron.


I’ve actually turned to exercise to fill time!
And because I don’t want tossed off of the road marching team.


Ive managed to loose 2lbs over xmas and i have strategically been smashing through tubs of pringles