You know what really makes me laugh?


Well beware after these posts you might be bombarded with pictures of a man in red sitting eating cookies :wink:


I know just the role that I should purchase one for :slight_smile:


new profile picture for some on here? :wink:


the fact that none of you got the first post of 2019…


How about the news yesterday that some French Author (whom ive never heard of) reckons women over 50 are past it and he wouldnt touch them.Boy is he missing out big style.


BBC link - Yann Moix story


I’ll second your comment.
Being French probably thinks he God’s gift.


The French hotels still rent rooms out between 17:00 and 19:00


Having seen a pic of him now Im surprised any woman even gives the guy a second glance.What a greasy oik.


I love it when the French get brassed off by their government as it’s no holds barred. Also gilet jaunne sounds more ‘exotic’ than yellow hi-vis waistcoat.

We might have a bit of walk through London and MPs getting shouted at, which the govt and police get over excited about… I bet if a similar thing was done to speed cameras in the UK, the tutu wearers would mumble about threatening the safety of children and how many thousands would die. Ignoring the fact that many people slow down and once past the camera, drive normally and no one dies.


I dunno our daughters have turned up with greasy oiks in tow. Me and the mrs look on in disbelief.
But again stupid women are easily duped, especially young ones. You’ll probably find the older women tell him to ‘do one’.


I expect that a lot of people would say that it’s criminal damage and that the taxpayer would have to pay to replace them, and they’d be quite right to say so.


You sort of miss the point that the other day some MPs and others got heckled and now the police are being told to take more action against those doing the heckling, bearing in mind that heckling is when all said and done is verbal and maybe not “nice” is essentially harmless.
Take it across The Channel and I imagine they’d be happier with heckling, as opposed to what is happening. If what happens in France happened here, it would almost be martial law, with curfews, based on the response here to a bit of heckling. I’m no Francophile but I do like how they react when their government “annoys” them.

As for speed cameras why replace them, they are the most pointless things ever created, except for the 50yds either side of them.


You miss the point that it’s far different from a mob causing damage to property than a mob surrounding and aggressively harassing a MP.

It’s far different being a loud protest in the background of a TV interview than it is chasing an MP down the road to continue to abuse them. Or (for balance) harassing them outside their home and telling a child that “their daddy isn’t well liked”.

The problem is that an MP was abused and followed by a raucous and abusive group of the public in the presence of the police and no protection was given… This occurring when the murder of an MP because of their views is still in recent history.

Protest is fine. Directly attacking, abusing, and attempting to silence those whose views are different to yours is not. Personal attacks against MPs and campaigners damage democracy, political discourse, and free speech.


Well in that case from what you see and hear going on in the lower house, I struggle to see the join between that and what might go on outside.
What is annoying is those MPs called names feel it is perfectly OK to openly flaunt an opinion opposite to that expressed in a legitimate and legal referendum, and get a bit upset when approached like they have been. If they said fair enough we don’t like it but we will respect the will of the people. If these had been doing this we wouldn’t be where we are politically and they wouldn’t have been called names.


Well I guess it’s not a surprise your daughters are stupid. But fair play to you for admitting it.


Not stupid just like many girls who get taken in by chancers. Thankfully they see through them and get rid PDQ.


There is a time and a place for protests and while I don’t agree with it outside individuals homes outside Parliament is exactly the place. I also think that to wrap MP’s in cotton wool and to shield them from the effect of their decisions and their actions is not in the best interests of Democracy, their is real anger in the country at the moment with the possibility of widespread disorder bubbling just below the surface something that I don’t think our MP’s fully comprehend.

At the end of the day if the Courts have ruled it’s ok to say bad words to the Police why should it be against the law for you to say bad words to MP’s?


I’m not getting drawn into a debate on Brexit or the referendum (although the “legitimate and legal” part is definitely a dubious assertion whichever side of the fence you sit on), however…

MPs are paid to represent the UK electorate and debate and make decisions an their behalf. The country isn’t united, and the 48% deserve representation too.

This was always going to be a mess. Now, let’s leave Brexit and get back to the topic at hand - should MPs and campaigners be allowed to exercise their rights and go about their business without fear of physical and verbal attack, and should the police protect those rights and the welfare of the individuals being attacked?

Yes - it’s their right
Yes - it’s the police’s job


It’s not the Police job to stifle the legimate rights of an individual or a group to protest.

It is generally accepted that in the course of protest certain low level offences are likely to ocour which in the normal course of events would be enforced but in a protest are allowed. (Section 5 of the Public Orderr Act and Obstructing a Highway being prime examples). The reasoning behind this is that the rights to protest as enshrined in Articles 9,10 & 11 of the Human Rights Act are so important that a certain amount of Leeway has to be allowed. If you can’t tell an MP what you think outside Parliament where can you tell them?

It’s also an interesting point that with a Majority of only 839 votes in an area that voted 55% to leave she really should be looking at her constituents wishes if she wishes to be re-elected.

Edited to add that “insulting” was actually removed from the offence by Theresa May as Home Secretary so it’s only abusive or threatening words which it now applies to.