You know what really makes me laugh?


Not a majority though :wink:


Make a new thread people.


I thought the whole point of this thread was mindless drivel with wild ramblings and no real point?


The thread about consent and TG forms reminded me of this, so as not to take that thread off topic and bring you all a little smile, p


I once heard the biggest told lie world wide is not “i love you” or “no of course your bum doesn’t look fat/of course you look lovely in that darling” or “i didn’t do it” but instead it is “i have read the T&Cs” when clicking online…

and i can well believe it


Or I’m from HQAC and I’m here to help you.


Or your VA claim is about to be processed!!


The Bible?


The constitution.


Jermey Corbyn not wanting a live debate om leaving the EU to clash with I’m a Celebrity. This bloke just gets better as a running joke.


It would be the hilarious debate of anti-EU Jezza pretending he’s a remainer to placate his supporters while Pro-EU May pretends she’s a leaver to keep her Support happy while both of them make Ken Clark cry.


Poor Ken Clarke.


The one you have to feel really sorry for is Vince Cable. Arch EU sympathiser and he can’t stand there and tell us, people voted the wrong way and the world will end when we leave.


The “yellow jackets” in France.
Could you imagine if the Charlie foxtrot of leaving the EU was a French thing, they’d have set fire to the EU HQ in Brussels and thrown some sheep in for good measure … or dinner.


Making me laugh? When you notice that HQAC have done an ACTI amendment… but the amendment sheet says it’s been done in 16 days time… it’s almost like they’ve nailed time travel.

Then I caught a hold of myself, and realized it was simply incompetence.


Making me laugh? This time 10 years ago we were ranting about “Health and Safety Donald” and his road safety poster competition… this organisation has come on miles since then!!! LOL!!!


What a job.


I think there is a reason the Region Safety Advisors no longer work for him but are under the Regionals Commandants now.


just going to leave this here . . .


The fact it will be harder for businesses to recruit for low paid jobs from people overseas when we leave the EU. I know people who’ve tried to emigrate to commonwealth countries and got told no as they don’t meet the right criteria.