You know what really makes me laugh?


In your view, many US citizens take a different view.


You want nasty, try Saudi Arabia or China.



After chatting to my IFA it seems US Stocks are doing well largely down to DTs actions with his idea of ‘putting America first’. although the sanctions against China have caused some concern. I have to say after the years naïve Obama as President, Trump is the complete opposite and breath of fresh air. Does anyone think Clinton would have met with Kim Jong Un no matter how short it was. Clinton would have been too concerned with lining her pockets, which Trump doesn’t have to do.


DT is hated by the liberal elite who live within the Washington Beltway, just the same as the Westminster Bubble. In the words of Sir Humphery Appleby ‘is he sound and is he one of us’ patently DT is neither of these.


It would seem the democrat wins were in what I would call the latte and panini café, loafer wearing set, which I equate with the Islington set in UK politics … so the same sort of people.


I am amazed the America are complaining about division!
When you have a binary decision, you get division between the 2 choices!! What else do they expect!!
Look how well Britain is dealing with serious issues using binary decisions! Brexit and the Scottish referendums have gone so well​:roll_eyes::flushed:


Brexit hasn’t gone well because Brussels is crapping itself that if we aren’t there to pay, they’ll need to ask Germany and France for more to make up the shortfall, so they are being as awkward as they can. Also if they make it too easy, Greece, Italy and others could say ta ta.
With Merkel on her last legs and more right wing influence in Germany, they could be looking to quit as well.


I checked, apparently I’m a member of the liberal elite now. The Daily Mash did a good explainer.



But my point was around binary decisions and people complaining when their choice loses!!! Have more choice!!


But with the Referendum what was the other option? Don’t Know

Do you honestly think if it had gone the other way the Leave voters would have bitched like the Remoaners? All that would have happened is more pressure on govt to get us more out of the gravy train riders in Brussels.


Yes! If you didn’t vote, you were a don’t know!!

Exactly! That is the problem. The people’s vote want a vote that is not binary, but their reason is not for altruistic Reasons around democracy. They want to divide the leave question, reducing the chances of leave winning again!


Ah yes, comparing the self-declared home of democracy to two authoritarian states - excellent comparison.


But would you turn up to tick, Don’t Know?


If it was on the ballot, it would have been a choice and some people would have voted for it, possibly affecting the decision!


Don’t Know on a ballot would be amusing to say the least.


None of the above would be far better as it would tell politicians in what low esteem we actually hold them.


Red meat tax. Utter madness a result of paid for research.


“Gammon” … an insult to describe white middle-aged, pro-Brexit supporters

That’s me that is … loving it.


They wouldn’t really care, the one thing I’ve found out about politicians is thick skin, otherwise they’d never get through hustings, let alone anything else.


Sounds very like certain people in the ACO