You know what really makes me laugh?

:eyes: :eyes:

Oops… my finger slipped


Covid has messed my lungs up that i struggled to do stairs this morning…then theres this guy…

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Been following his journey from the start… madness

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I really despise people giving themselves nicknames like “hardest geezer” but I’m prepared to make an exception on this occasion. He’s earnt it.


Danny Dyer looks different these days…

Just came across a forum thread of 2 American runners having an argument.

A marathon is 26.2 miles. These 2 were arguing over whether a marathon would be 26.2km outside of the US…

What had she been searching for on amazon…

What a baaaa-gain.

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I read aloud the vowels of the name below in the order they appear, and found myself singing.

Celine Dion

One for the younglings who may not have seen this. Many years ago, a RNZAF pilot named Tim released a comedy track under the name “AirTime” about Jet Pilots.

What’s making me laugh is that Tim went on to have an amazing career reaching the rank of Wing Commander, getting his masters at Cranfield, being an equerry to Prince William, setting up an amazing charity (The Missing Wingman Trust) and was last year elected as an MP.

I wonder if his favourite topic of conversation remains himself?


Just got the classic “you choose” followed by “no not that” :rofl: