You know what really makes me laugh?


One in one too many.




Ignore him. He’s just being his usual miserable self.


Balance for what? It should be whoever was best for the job.

If that just so happens to be someone who hates democracy, then fair enough.

But that brings us to the whole poor leadership stuff. Surely we should have capable leadership heading in the same direction.


“The object in life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane”

Marcus Aurelius.


There are enough of these people around in the opposition sticking their oar in and preventing getting things moving along, saying that people who voted to leave didn’t know what they were doing, so having any in the Cabinet just complicates things even more as it gives the eu bods a way in to stall things, which they have been doing since day one.


How’s that working out for you?


If what I’ve read from RAS has taught me anything it’s that he’s clearly not in the former and has clearly failed the latter.


when it comes to ministerial posting i feel this element is low on the priority list.

what qualifications does a minister need to be working in the Treasury? or better still be chancellor?

what qualifications or experience do ministers need to be home secretary? defence secretary? education secretary? energy, foreign affairs, health, business, housing, transport…??

they just need to be elected and friendly with the party leader…that is what makes me laugh


Exactly so it needs changing.


I march to the beat of my own drummer, he just happens to have epilepsy.


Boris Johnson is clearly the best person to be Foreign Secretary…

He’s done a fantastic job getting a British citizen out of Iran: Boris Johnson holds ‘frank’ talks in Iran over jailed Briton

I’m sure David Davis’ education in Molecular Science/Computer Science and Business has proved super useful in negotiating withdrawal from an international legislative assembly.

Michael Gove did such a sterling job at education that he had no less than three votes of no confidence in him passed.

Tell me how these people are the ‘best for the job’.


Or take it to PM or a new thread.


Alcohol pricing in Scotland.
Pubs, restaurants etc find it hard enough to make a living and this could see the death or diminishing of such establishments. They might have reasons for doing it, but the Scottish parliament need to stop trying doing landmark policies just to make a name for themselves.

What I find amusing is that anyone with a small amount of business sense will set up a Carrefour type shop just south of the border and instigate “booze drives” from Scotland to England.


i find the scheme interesting and look forward to seeing the results.

pricing is not the way forward - there is enough evidence for this not working elsewhere.

smoking - prices have gone up every new budget but i know none of my smoker/ex-smoker friends who consider giving up/gave up due to cost.
they found cheaper ways to smoke, either foreign muck they got on the cheap in bulk, or move to a cheaper brand or “rollies”

petrol/diesel - prices have gone up and up, go back 10-12 years there was a big increase and up roar, but drivers found cheaper ways to drive around. Some moved to the diesel fuel, making the most out of the economy, others chose to go down the “chip oil” route, taking the waste/bi-product of fish N chip shops and the like using it in place of the expensive fuel.

minimum pricing on alcohol will not stop people drinking, it will just mean it will cost them more to do so.
they may end up finding other ways to get their “fix” be that converting to spirits/stronger % drinks, choosing foreign imports (such as the “booze drives” Telfon suggests) or simply going down a home brew style black market


It wouldn’t be too difficult to restill drinks to get the alcohol content up.

The headline grabbing seems to centre around reducing fighting and other alcohol related incidents and nothing about the impact on businesses, unless they’re already planning to charge £5 for a glass of a soft drink. Although you probably find that’d fall foul of the sandal wearers moaning about sugary drinks.

How amusing would it be that pubs, clubs and restaurants go out of business as a result and the Scottish govt loses money in business tax and VAT. Never mind they can fall back on the Bartlerr Formula money.


Oh, haven’t you heard about the new sugar tax?


Yeah but I was alluding the money they charge for a glass of wine or pint, translating straight to soft drinks.

We buy proper soft drinks from a cash and carry, they’ve gone up a bit. A couple of local clubs have stopped selling proper coke etc, in favour of the devil’s urine that are “zero” sugar drinks.


Yeah, everyone but Coke has ruined the taste of their drinks rather than just charging a few pence more.


Booze cruise to Berwick the Calais of the north.Sounds catchy