You know what really makes me laugh?


We’ve got that, I think if the CWC get their paperwork in on time, they get it. However in the course of a year that goes on stamps, paper, toner / ink cartridges and other similar things.
May be if we didn’t have to print everything then there might be some spare.

Are HQAC, RHQ and Wings sending post by the same method.
The rate as per post office website
Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed by 1pm®
100g £6.50
500g £7.30
1kg £8.60
2kg £11.00
10kg £26.60
20kg £41.20

Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed by 1pm® with Saturday Guarantee
100g £10.80
500g £11.76
1kg £13.32
2kg £16.20
10kg £34.92
20kg £52.44

So if every squadron gets an envelope a week that contains a bit of paper with any sort of personal info, and it was a Saturday guaranteed delivery and between 100g & 500g the maths is quite scary in terms of cost. This will ramp costs up almost exponentially.


HQAC over reacting to a problem and again exemplifying how out of touch they are with the grassroots of the organisation.
If we sent an envelope a month that’s £78 to £88 pa, which unless my grade B GCE maths lets me down is more than £70. Of course this doesn’t account for the price rises in postage.

12/13 years ago squadrons had to start paying all risks insurance (currently for us c.£200) as HQAC didn’t want to provide it anymore, then over the following couple of years Wings stopped sending a weekly post, in favour of emailing, which then meant we had to start printing it. I stopped printing cadet stuff at work after getting my collar gently felt over the matter and didn’t think it was worth potentially jeopardising my job for.


that is just on postage - the hardware for it, paper, ink and envelopes won’t be included in that!


What happens if you send it normal post, are they going to refuse to open it?




My Wing will only pay the admin the grant if the Civ com get the F60 in on time.


I’d like to think I’m kidding too. But these are public sector administrators and will follow instructions to the letter and forgo any illusion of common sense. Some of the discussions I’ve had with LA minions are mind blowing. God forbid any two or more people in the same section speak to each other and if they are in different sections, demarcated by a label on a desk next to each other, forget it.

Same with us.


Surely that is wrong, Civ Com and a HQAC grant through Wing are not the same. The Wing need to be gripped hard, that is outrageous as they are holding onto money that should be on the Squadron not used as a reward forthe Civ Com doinfg its job.


Same with my Wing too


That’s the policy, I think it’s in ACP 10/11


This post suggestion is no guarantee that things don’t get lost at Wing or HQAC, in the mire. Who pays if you’ve sent it, had it signed for and then they say we can’t find it send it again? Can we tell them to poke it and get on with finding it?


I think that, if wing and region are misplacing information that has had to be sent via recorded delivery due to its confidential nature, there are serious questions to be answered!


I can’t see any method of delivery making any difference.
I’ve handed them things personally and when you ask why something is taking so long they say it’s lost / never got to them, which when you say I handed to X it goes quiet.

Why we can’t get into the modern era and email everything baffles me.

what happens to passport and driving licence application

This is a valid point, I have never had a passport or driving licence go missing and the applications get sent bog standard post. Yet I’ve put things in the post that have gone into the bag via the bloke who works there and apparently it never gets to Wing. I think the problems lie with the monkeys we get in the various HQs.


Whoa, careful with that edge.


We could always do what I used to have to do in my forces day.Whenever I had to go to commcen to pick up signals I had to sign for them.Watch the smiles disappear from our Wing staffs faces when you ask them for a signature.Ha! .Simple but foolproof.


Amber Rudd’s resignation :joy::rofl::joy:


I was at a squadron over the weekend and they keep washing up liquid and other household cleaners in a locked cupboard. When I asked why, it was in case a cadet drank it or something.
All of our cleaners sit under the sink.

If a cadet wanted to drink any of these things, which they will have had access to at home for at least 12 years and not drunk it, what sort of thinking suggests they will when they join the ATC?


To be fair, a few years ago one of our more ‘challenging’ cadets got a bleach based cleaning spray out from under the sink and somehow managed to get it all over herself. She claimed it ‘made her bones hurt’…


She’s been replaced by another remoaner. God help us.


To provide balance.

Foreign Secretary - Brexiteer
Brexit Secretary - Brexiteer
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Balance in politics isn’t a bad thing.