You know what really makes me laugh?


Another day, another post from Teflon complaining that it’s not the 1940s.


Or using an analogue watch as a standby compass.


the fact that HQAC want squadrons to send confidential post by registered mail. Who’s going to pay for that??


I was about to reply to that email asking the very same thing. Cause it won’t be me or my squadron!


You’re about 30 years too soon.
I did my the bulk of my growing up in the 70s, which is was probably one of the best decades to grow up in and we learnt to do things like tell the time on a clock and do mental arithmetic and we didn’t have electronic everything to tell us how to live. Even with the power cuts, strikes and so on, as kids it was brilliant. Mind you a few power cuts would do us all a few favours now.


Why not send things via our secure ATC email?

They make such a big thing of the email being secure because it’s MOD, not that work email systems aren’t as secure, we email all manner of things that are as business confidential as anything we might send around the ATC and all that, so why not send things via this? Maybe it’s too simple.

i think a signed for letter up to 100g costs about £1.60, heavier and it’s more.


It’s got to go registered post. In other words special delivery so it’s about £7


If only there was a way of sending encrypted and/or signed emails… using cryptography.

Some sort of Pretty Good Privacy?

Imagine if we had a Cyber course which didn’t cover this.


I use the signed for years and not had any problems. But I wouldn’t use it for ATC stuff.

I wonder would there be anyone there to take delivery before 9am, if you sent something to one of the HQs?


Had to stifle a chuckle at the e mail yesterday .So an ATC sqn sent stuff through the mail that got damaged and confidential items were lost.The last two times ive received log books through the post it amazed me they d got to me at all.Both envelopes were dropping to bits and had been damaged in exactly the same place.In fact one whole side was sliced open.As to losing important stuff whats being done about the inept dipsticks at HQAC who regularly “lose” paperwork which if it fell into the hands of fraudsters ,identity thieves would be invaluable.As usual its the CFAVs who get it in the neck.Plus as has been said who will pay for the extra postage and cost associated with recorded delivery and tracked…It wont be me i ll tell you that .


I’ll be hand delivering to WHQ from now on, luckily only a short train trip for me direct from work, which is cheaper than post.


Same for me. Luckily, I pass WHQ on a regular basis. I feel for those who will have little option but to start spending cadet subs on postage costs.

One registered large envelope costs more than a months worth of broadband… tell me again why we can’t send stuff electronically…?


totally agree.

My Q to them was if WHQ have to upload application forms and then send them in the post whats the point in sending hard copies? probably so HQAC dont have to do it.

I though we were trying to reduce the admin burden!


Only for those who get paid to do admin.

This has been clear throughout the attempts at this project. If they reduced our admin burden, we’d have time to do things for and with the cadets.


If p forms have to be hand delivered will HQAC PAY milage? 150 mile round trip for 1 sqn in my wing to WHQ.and back
Does recorded delivery stop items getting damaged in the post?
The sqn welfare fund cannot pay for routine adnin. It is against the constitution.
The next time somebody’s application paperwork gets lost in the sysyen (and it is only a matter of time) i will be making a report to the data protection commissioner.


One of my staffs stuff got lost by HQAC hes mulling over going to the DC. Ive told him to go ahead as my complaints to the powers that be have basically been ignored.


Speak to an MP, I’m sure that HQAC would love a question coming in the house to the defence minister about loss of personal information. Especially if we say we have asked Wing etc and they have prevaricated and not given an answer, just a you need to fill it out again.
If every time something get lost they all went this way, it wouldn’t be long (hopefully) that it gets referred to the ICO or DC and some bubbles get burst. It would then be down to Wings, Regions and HQAC to explain how they lose paperwork so regularly and it would in the public domain.
Sending it registered post won’t make any difference. I’ve been to our Wing HQ and many years ago it was a well oiled machine, now not so. Years ago the ‘to do pile’ (when everything was done on paper not email) was minimal, now though it just seems to be higher every time I’ve been. I get the impression that only certain grades in the PS / CS will only do certain work and if it’s above or below their pay grade nothing happens. OK if it requires a specialist knowledge, but 99.9999999% of what we send up, any monkey can do, bloody hell we manage and we’re only doing this in our spare time.


Well, as lomg as you weren’t from an ethnic minority, LGBT, an immigrant or female of course.


Just had a good conversation with SO1 policy at HQAC in response to his email about Data Protection and the posting of OSP mail.

It was an interesting conversation and I’m not going to post it on here but one thing I will post that he mentioned was that Sqns get a £70 pa Admin grant which should be used to pay for postage etc.

Now I don’t ever recall being made aware of such when I was a Sqn Cdr and he assured me he would ensure that GPF were aware of this. I’m not sure how you’d go about getting it but its worth noting.


I knew about this…what i didn’t know it was a Grant!!!

why do we have to apply for money assigned for admin purposes?
ironically creating more admin (an application form) to be supported in sending admin!

one question that i can’t help but shake - what happens to passport and driving licence applications?

there must be as many of these being posted, with equally as personal/sensitive information within the envelopes, in both directions.

I am not saying it is right that the post system damages the post, or even that personal items/data is being compromised - but there isn’t the same expectation on correspondence to/from the Passport agency/DVLA when applying for various updates/changes.
another case where RAFAC are going above and beyond…? or a sensible knee jerk reaction?