You know what really makes me laugh?

Chair seems to be cutting CAS short at some occasions. CAS does however seem to be giving some long winded answers to simple questions, so it’s a rather funny battle of tennis going on.

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This made me laugh more than it deserved to.


MML. RAFAC aren’t alone in the constant drive for “mandatory training compliance”.

Work have triggered a new “push” notification system to tell us when our mandatory training is due to expire. They’ve set the system to run at 4pm on a Friday and an email is automatically generated to say when your training expires, a link to the ecourse (or a link to the course schedule and booking form).

My training expired on Friday - so I was politely informed I needed to complete the training BY 5pm on Friday. This didn’t happen (as I was on leave!).

On Saturday AND Sunday I had follow up emails. Saturday’s informed me that I’d “Failed” to rectify the issue - here’s the links - “please book on as a high priority or HR will contact my line manager”. Sunday’s informed me they had emailed my line manager as I had “consistently failed to rectify my training deficit”.

I come in this morning to find an email from my Manager to our whole team saying “I’ve got 12 emails in my inbox this morning saying you’re all failures”. He then copied us all into an email to HR requesting they tweak the email content, look at the interval schedules and included a very sarcastic picture of the Eisenhower Priority Matrix annotated to say “emails like this sit here” with an arrow to the “Delete” box.


Ah yes, Friday afternoon - that well know productive period across all industries.

And as for Saturday and Sunday, how dare you not conduct work tasks on a weekend.

Whoever built that must have done so on a Friday afternoon…


My “File 13” gets filled quickly by gumff like that.

Have the report run at 0600 on a Monday, so it is in people’s inbox, and they can plan their week…

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Sounds like a supportive line manager at least!

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Yeap. He’s very much a disruptor in the system. Doesn’t tolerate BS or waste. He’s a “lean systems” person and has saved us a bag of cash over the last few years. He also hates micro-management - and only employs staff who are independent thinkers and problem solvers who won’t make his job hard! My first day working for him was a breathe of fresh air!

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The sort of boss who ‘says feel free to bring me your problems but come with your solution or don’t come at all until you have thought of one, and we’ll discuss it’. The type who allows staff to be ‘free thinkers’ gets the best from them, develops them and unfortunately eventually you lose them, if you can’t reward them.

Not quite - he’s REALLY good if you do have a problem at helping you find a solution. He won’t spoon feed it to you (unless you need it!); he’s one of those insightful types who’ll plant a seed in your brain, steer you in the right direction to find the solution yourself.


Have you thought about recruiting him into the RAFAC? We need people like that.


We’d destroy him

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Was on the NWRFCA site due to stuff at work to do with armed forces covenant. Out of curiosity, checked their page on volunteering for the cadet forces - Cadet Force Adult Volunteers - North West Reserve Forces & Cadets Association

Ignoring errors like it saying CFAVs need to be 18 universally, my favourite part was on clicking through to each cadet force’s own page.



Air Cadets:

It’s remarkable how well they have nailed that.


Rest assured we have been notified and are looking into the issue.



Who needs to know what’s happening in the air when the air comes to you?


Prepping for some CIPS exams and noticed thin my Dummies Guide To Supply Chain Management. Triggered a chuckle.


The real reason Tik Tok is being banned.

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This reimagining of the trolley problem.

When your local college makes an epic typo in their prospectus.

They are now offering a Level 3 in Uninformed Public Services.

They only did a run of 2000. No biggie.


Could be worse, could’ve been Pubic Services

Better than missing the L out of public though

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