You know what really makes me laugh?

Wait to see how tired you look after 16 odd years :grin:

I find the older ones cause more sleeplessness, even if they sleep themselves. Sometimes I count down the days until the youngest will be starting uni/work and I can kick them out the house. But then I remember my dad had to put up with my crap for many years after that. :joy:

It definitely doesn’t go away when they move out.

One of my Boss’s had a phone call from their son at 2am this morning.

Son was playing Rugby yesterday and took a ball to the face. He was calling to ask whether he should go to a dentist or a doctor - he thinks the impact knocked a tooth out - but he can’t remember how many he had to start with - “Can you remember Dad?”

“It’s 2am. I cannot remember what I had for breakfast yesterday morning. I’m almost certain I cannot remember how many teeth you have in your cake hole. Besides - this is a Mum question.”
“But her phone’s off”
“Yes. Because it’s 2am”
“Oh yeah. Sorry. Night” Click.

My Boss has decided to work from home for the rest of the day.


I am convinced easy access to phones and instant messaging apps have changed parenting and not always for the better.

When I was away at college I would have needed to find small change and a working phone box, ideally not coated in stale vomit, to ring my dad. And he would certainly not have appreciated a 2am call.

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Not just parenting, work as well. I’ve always been really strict in terms of answering messages outside of working hours, but some people get really shirty if you don’t reply to their 3am message within minutes.

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I took the 19mo for his first haircut today. Wife is very emotional now.

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I bet…

My missus was lamenting every day since his first hair cut.

He did have a mullet though so it needed getting gone.
Both got a lock of hair in our wallets now though.


Tell me you kept some hair for her…

Omg tell me you did…

man, you life be forfit if you dint…

No helping me then - 4 years in and gone from a fresh faced to lines, bags and greys. I am expecting hair loss any day now.

Little tyke literally hoovering the youth out of me :rofl:

I feel the hairline going a bit. Slight bit of grey in the beard…

Very worrying considering I’m not 30 yet…

I’m only 3 and a half weeks in, you guys aren’t helping :rofl:

Are you new here?


It’s awful. Your health, your patience, your sanity, and your social life will disappear.
But it’s all worth it when you get the random cuddles or they want to share some mundane thing that they’ve learned to do.


Fortunately, I didn’t have any of them to begin with.


Or the little quirks, like when I’m putting him to bed and he gets very aggressive in asserting that “daddy sleep too” and tries for force my head on the pillow.

Little cuddles with that is lovely.


My wife often has the same attitude.

My wife is the opposite. Tries to force the pillow on my head

seconded - funny how those little things make all the grief they can cause melt away!

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CAS getting a pasting in a Commons Committee.

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So RAFAC is pretty much having a child… Except for the cuddles?