You know what really makes me laugh?

This bit was redundant the moment you mentioned Will Ferrell


Was going to say something similar. A lot of Will Ferrell’s stuff is cringe-poor, daft, over-acted nonsense.

Some of it lands, some of it simply as funny as a middle aged man trying too hard to be funny by acting like an idiot.

He’s better when surrounded by others. Not a great lead.

It was more entertaining than Eurovision?

Have you seen Step Brothers? Not my usual type of comedy, but that film is quality.

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What makes me chuckle is when people with their self created “official” RAFAC twitter handles like provocative tweets from people wearing just their undies and flaunting it without realising that it shows their followers that theyve liked that tweet.

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Quickly checks Twitter feed


It’s not you :wink:

I do all my “naughty” browsing on my personal account

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You hope.

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Plenty of people have accidentally liked or commented on things from the wrong Twitter Account over the years.

Theres lots from the same account

Have you found @Teflon 's account?

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I really hope that’s not me! - it’s not an “official” handle, but I’m very openly involved in the RAFAC

Cue quick scroll through my twitter!

I use the word official loosely …its persons twitter profile that is for their volunteer RAFAC role

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You couldn’t pay me enough to even consider using twitter or any of the multitude SM out there.

I have a FB account that I look at once every few months and in the years I’ve had it, put 3 or 4 things on it, as a reply to the areas of interest. I only got this for the village FB and lost interest as I wasn’t even vaguely interested about someone’s drive being blocked, or the bins haven’t been emptied or cars parking all over the place to drop off or pick kids from the school or people announcing it was their birthday and apparently being told that people I didn’t know from Adam might be a long awaited friend.

You know what really makes me laugh?

A Sgt sending an email to all wing, addressed “Good Evening,”

And the WWO immediately under reply all publicly tells them off for it…

OK, not correctly addressed, but a private email mentioning would surely be more appropriate? Why the need to publicly do it?

Goodness me!


I fail to see the problem that required the email telling off?

Sounds like a junior officer should wade in and see how the WWO likes being shown up in front of everyone.

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I’ll choose my fights more carefully than that, but I do think that it’s a bit much…!

Reply all “oh do bore off” from the generic account.