You know what really makes me happy?


With respect to the disdain Ed Balls has displayed about George Osborne’s remarks about subsidising the likes of Mick Philpot … just as well Mr Balls wasn’t in the pub on Tuesday he would have been jumping up and down, some of the comments make George Osborne’s look kind and caring.


My mind will forever associate the sound of a Leyland diesel engine with the Air Cadet Organisation.


Not happy as such, but making me laugh.

Just seen this on a remote squadrons facebook page - their open one

[hide][quote]Greens Night with D of E instruction. So smartly pressed S95 uniform and polished shoes!!![/quote][/hide]

So many things wrong with that sentence! :ohmy:


[quote=“ex-bawtryboy” post=7570]Just seen this on a remote squadrons facebook page - their open one[/quote]Google is a wonderful thing :slight_smile:
Not my wing :smiley:

Er, have you looked at some of their photos?


lol they’ve just been told off by @aircadets for sharing an email we’ve all received today


MMH tonight, getting a regular officer come in offering to lend a hand… now what do I do with a Group Captain? :smiley:


Get them to do the admin, they might find a hidden talent!


[quote=“incubus” post=7572]
Er, have you looked at some of their photos?[/quote]



Making me happy …

I’ve just organised a “teaming building” day for my department at work. RAF Leuchars Airshow corporate hospitality package for twenty people, all paid for by the company …


Making me happy? Great news from an ex-cadet! B)


Watching women’s athletics … well apart from the discus, shot and hammer fraterity.

Apparently Yelena Isinbayeva is taking time out and Jo Pavey isn’t competing :crying: :crying:


Making me happy…long haul flights … business class … A380 …


I’d Agree with that :slight_smile:

MMV(F)H - New job - part time flying instructor !


People who can get through an entire thread on ACC without quoting every conceivable rule, statute, chapter and verse from every conceivable AP or ACP.


Making me happy today? Cycling to work and getting a free breakfast. Om nom nom nom nom.


New Altberg boots. Mmmm


In brown, for the fashion concious PCS convert? :slight_smile:


Brown and black. I had a quandry - my assault boots died at the weekend and I needed to buy some new ones. Did I go black and have to buy brown at some point in the future, or do I buy brown and only wear MTP (I only acquired a shirt and trousers, so not great in the cold). I went for both :wink:


May I ask which Altbergs? as I’m currently looking at getting them to replace my Magnums


Warrior aqua in black and warrior in brown, as they didn’t have the aqua brown.