You know what really grinds my gears? The Gears Strike Back

You are, as is Scotland and NI, there are merely devolved powers.

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Yeah fine. But there’s only so much damage they can do given the extent of devolved powers over domestic policy areas.


[quote=“MRAR, post:1621, topic:207”]otherwise we’d be governed by the buffoons in Westminster.
So what makes those in Westminster buffoons and those in Cardiff not?
The devolved govts have done nothing more than muddy the waters. What we should have is one message for the whole UK. A little bit too grown up for the devolved govts, as it would question their need to exist.

That’ll do on that I think. Politics can GYG but let’s not turn it into a bunfight.

Take it private.

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No thanks…


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GMG: IT deploy a “critical update” to everybody’s laptops. Now there’s a conflict so nobody can use Zoom as their audio devices and webcams don’t work.

ITs response. “You must have installed some malware somehow”.

What? All of us. At the same time.

How about “you didn’t test the critical update”???


Catching up on the Remembrance footage from the 11th and notice the caption uses Flt Sgt rather than FS

Is this the fault of the BBC for putting an incorrect caption up, the “reporter” who took the details down, or the Squadron for passing them the wrong details?

either way it is wrong and annoyed me GMG

It might be the reporter did some research, but not enough. Wikipedia says:

Flight sergeant (commonly abbreviated to Flt Sgt , F/Sgt , FSGT or, currently correctly in the RAF, FS )

the reporter may have been given “Flight Sergeant” and been told that was too long for the caption. They may have not twigged that RAFAC should follow the RAF abbreviation, rather than any of the other ones, particularly as they haven’t abbreviated Cadet to Cdt

Paying £200 to sit an exam…

Waiting 10 weeks to find out you passed then having the cheek to say if you want a physial certificate it’ll be £40

Daylight robbery


Not as bad as paying £3500 for a week-long course expecting the exam at the end to be told on the afternoon of the fourth day we don’t cover everything you need to pass and we will send you a voucher to sit the exam at an authorized test centre.

And once you have passed we want another $200 a year to allow you to sit maintenance exams to keep the certification.


Sounds just like flying … if its not SEP revalidation every 2 years, its ME/IR revalidation every year, instructors revalidation every 3 years…

GMG - tomorrow is Friday the 13th. Not usually a problem. BUT Friday 13th in 2020? Nice knowing you all, the meteor strike/alien invasion/freak flooding etc will prob hit around lunchtime.

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Yeah I’m not looking forward to this malarky

Trump will push the big red button

We already had a Friday 13th back in March. Can’t remember if anything significant happened as the whole year has been a cluster

That was the day after my workplace said “er, yeah, better work from home for a little while, this looks like it could get interesting”.


Builders. Not an honest or competent person in the whole industry

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Not all bad, the blokes that rejigged our kitchen and porch and the one who did kitchen and bathroom c.15 years ago were OK.
You haven’t asked RFCA to recommend someone?
Now them, I note the firm’s name as a reminder not to touch them with a very long stick.

Builder just drilled through the cold water mains on our top floor… I want the renovations to end now.

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