You know what really grinds my gears? The Gears Strike Back

I thought it was acceptable unless you’re purposely pulling over to undertake :thinking:

Nope. Not illegal. The highway code says not to do it but it’s not one of the rules backed up by legislation. Now it will be a strong (but rebuttable) indicator of careless driving if there were to be an accident whilst passing someone on the left but undertaking, or passing on the left, is not in and of itself illegal.


I will share a top tip I was given years ago…

If as an individual you are ever in doubt of the legality of something in a grey area such as this simply add 2 words after your statement.

“Your Honour”

I thought I wouldnt need the extra staff cover… your honour.

I didnt think you needed a proper number plate on a load being pulled… your honour.

I assumed white phosphouring HQAC was a good thing… your honour.

I find it helps immeasurably.


Substitute “My Lord” depending on how seriously you have to think about it.

The RAC link points to the various Highway Code rules & associated guidance.

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The way some of you lot go on, I thought justification to the higher power would be more like “excuse excuse excuse… Darling/love/dear/schnookums.”

Over the years I’ve become increasingly disappointed with the RBL FoR. We had visitors yesterday and when they left I turned the TV on to watch the FoR and was “greeted” with a shot of Jeff Goldblum playing piano and ballroom dancers, I had to check to make sure the Strictly Come Dancing nonsense hadn’t over run, no, it was the FoR. It was then a barrage of singers with one destroying Bridge Over Troubled Waters and others singing the hymns that should IMO only be sung by the audience and who thought the Lord’s Prayer needed to sung by a choir, should be locked up.
I didn’t quite understand why they got “actors” to do the Berlin story, when they had the pilot and a child who was there at time, at the FoR, who could have told the story and brought a better sense of it, they have “old boys & girls” telling their stories in person.
I think they need to go back to basics, bring the military back to the fore and stop making a low quality variety show. What has been a staple of our TV viewing for as long as I can remember will now not be.


I know most people on here have different ideas to you on most things, but I do agree with your comment whole-heartedly.

Why has the annual FoR turned into a showcase for actors-turned-singers or has been singers trying to get back into the limelight.

Corbyn had the right idea; don’t turn up :shushing_face: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I’m not sure if Jeff Goldblum is washed up but I suppose the sentiment stands.

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Reviewing the pictures from parades around the country… Grinding my gears right now is pace sticks on parade.

“look at me, a supposed bastion of standards, knowingly breaking the rules but it’s more important to me that everyone knows I’m a DI”. Calm down mate, it doesn’t even look good.


Similar but for me it is seeing Army Cadets wearing gauntlets when carrying banners. No regard for actual dress regulations.

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Seeing RAFAC in gauntlets triggers me

It has got a lot better in the last few years - mostly I see them if an air cadet is carrying a RAFA/RBL standard as opposed to an ATC banner.

Yeah true that!

The wearing of unauthorized (private purchase) medals with uniform.


Is that a jab at me and my star for being a Knight Commander of the Sovereign Military Order of Sealand?


We both know that you were not entitled to that award.:3rd_place_medal:

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Fixed that for you

We had one who wore suspect medals and was called out on it a few times. He was one of the ones who “worked” with the SAS/SBS/CBBC lot but “couldnt talk about it”

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@Giminion TBH you afe looking for things to wind you up don’t look at them, you weren’t there and as it’s after the fact can do nowt about it. We don’t gave to as the WWO who has nothing better to do does it for us and saves up piccies for the staff conference, gives them something to say and make it look like they’re doing something.

@AlexCorbin one of the silliest and most pointless things from the constant re-writing of dress regs is saying cadets as standard bearers can’t wear gauntlets. They’d been worn for decades. I purposefully encourage cadets to carry old boy association standards so they can wear gauntlets.