Yet another Question

Good morning to you all,

I just have another question. Since getting in contact with my local squadrons Sgt. [who told me to wait until there is a squadron stand-down] I’ve been waiting around 4/5-ish weeks. My main question is:
Is it normal to be waiting that long for a stand-down?

[Are stand-downs random?]
I also apologise if this makes me appear as an impatient person,

It varies. I’ve never seen a unit stand down for a whole summer, however I have heard of it. Is this the squadron you are wishing to join?

I gather from your previous posts that you are looking to join the Air Cadets.

Every squadron is different, but as a general rule stand downs are not normal. You could be waiting any amount of time and the stand down may or may not be planned.

However, waiting for a stand down in order to join, I’m confused by that.

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I did not know that. Is there any point continuing to wait or do you think I could try and join the second local squadron to me?

Well It depends on how far you are happy to travel.
I would ask your local squadron when the stand down would be and why you have to wait till then. I would also contact this other squadron then you at least have choice.

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The next squadron is only a 20 minute drive. The current squadron Sgt. that I was talking to doesnt know when the parade nights are either according to the message he sent.

Should I send an message of interest to the next squadron as well as an interested in joining form before informing the Sgt. [First squadron] of not joining?

I suggest checking the parade nights of the other squadron and then calling them on one of their parade nights and talk to them about joining.

Thank you so much for the help,

Are you looking to join as a Cadet or Member of Staff?

A Cadet.

Either just turn up one evening and say you’d like to join, you’ll need a parent/guardian with you.

Another option would be to email where XXX is the squadron number.

Thank you very much.

Found out the next intake is around September 2nd

This makes sense as we have to wait unti September to take on the new Year 8 Cadets. Our Squadron does the same. We don’t stand down but we do have intake dates.
However we have a few year 9’s (Come Sept) that we allowed up over the last few weeks, they have done drill but not recruit training that will start when we have the next intake.
If you are not yet in Year 8 that could be why they’re putting you off until then.

I’ll be a bit of a latecomer since I’m going into Year 10. But what you said makes perfect sense. At least that system seems more professional.

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If you have been waiting that long I would try the Army cadets. it seems the ATC are in no hurry never heard of such a thing.
If you are sure you want to join the ATC I would try another Squadron, one who will bite your arm off to have you.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I think I’ll stick to the ATC mainly due to the fact that I want to join the RAF in future and I believe the RAFATC can help me build up skills for the RAF.

Not sure what skills you expect the ATC to provide that will help for the RAF.
About the only things are foot drill, uniform upkeep and some info about the RAF which a casual flick around the internet will give you, all of which helps a bit during basic training. If you are looking to the ATC to give you some magical edge, you may well be quite disappointed.
If you know what you what job you want to do in the RAF and the qualifications you need for it and concentrate on those primarily and use the ATC to do some things and find some new mates.
If you are looking at the RAF for a job remember they are very, very selective and will take a lot more in a selection process to find the one or two slots they have to fill.


I’m not sure what @Teflon is trying to achieve by talking the garbage that he is.

The RAF AC will most definitely give you skills that you can transfer over to a career in the RAF, oddly he actually mentions a couple.

Yes, you can Google things, but imagine this scenario?

Interviewer - So where did you learn (INSERT SKILL)?
You - Oh… Google…
Interviewer - Okay.

Interviewer- where did you learn (INSERT SKILL)?
You - Oh I spent X amount of years in the RAF AC, in which I learnt how to do this, that and so on.
Interviewer - Great! Tell me more about that!

Do you understand my point?

Please take my advice as someone who is still enthusiastic about this organisation regardless of recent downfalls and also has personally benefitted from skills acquired from it!


Many Squadrons only recruit a couple of times a year, if you miss it you can easily wait 6 months for the next one.