Wing 'oversight' of SM

A friend of mine in a different Wing to myself has just shared some information about how one of their Wing’s WSOs has apparently demanded admin rights to every sqn’s social media accounts and website, etc.

On top of this there’s apparently a requirement to post X number of posts per week about certain topics.

In case other Wings start demanding this level of access, what rights / authority do they have to require this kind of thing? Or alternatively, what rights would we as sqns have to refuse it?

Mt wing has wg staff as memberes of all of the sqn open and closed FB pages so they can monitor what is posted. The WG MCO also admins all wing pages.
Never heard of any wg staff wanting admin rights. Ideas above their station i think

I would deploy the right of “make me!”


I’ve never heard of anything like this and it doesn’t happen in my wing.

It seems unnecessary to me. Why anyone would want the extra burden of monitoring another units Facebook posts is beyond me. :roll_eyes:

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I can understand WSO’s being admin’s/moderators on SM groups for squadrons in their sector, but not really an entire wing (other than an MCO)

A nice idea to encourage sqn’s to be pushing out the same topic/message across a wing and doing so regularly, but it’s surely not feasible for that to mandatory.

I suspect its not so much monitoring, as it is the ability to check if a complaint is made.

What rights do they have to demand it? No reason that a complaint can’t go up the chain that people are overstepping the mark there.

I get the point but if anyone had extra time to plan this / execute it then I’m sure something else would be missing (i.e. some form of training or admin) unless a squadron has a large staff…

The query was whether they are overstepping the mark or not - if anybody has heard of any firm rule on this.

The worry is that if this escalates, someone produces a rule saying X and all other Wings jump up and start doing the same.

Closed group, just don’t allow it or use a name that does not tie the unit to the Corps.

It was until a cadet posted some very inappropriate pictures involving No 8 rifles on a sqn FB page.

Actually, I’d welcome it. It provides good oversight and transparency. I dont see it as big brotherly - merely ensuring we’re doing what we’re meant to.

We have specific Wg groups - normally lead by a specialist WSO or Wg Team. They work very well for special interest areas, gleaning knowledge and support and sharing good practice.

I also know theres a series of wing WhatsApp groups. Some are known to WSOs. Some aren’t. Would be interesting to see if the SM police want full access of these too!!! Or whether they will simply be renamed something… the Port and Cheese Club for example.


An Orwellian mandatory action to control SM action would just push this activity underground, as the operators are far nore clever than the rule enforcers.
Leave us alone and deal with the minority that flaunt the established rules!!


I’ve heard of a survey of groups and pages, but don’t know about requests like these…

I trust my friend, but it does seem far fetched… Yet oddly likely at the same time.

I don’t really have an issue with Wing having access to closed Squadron Grouos, there is some sense in having external oversight of this. (They can live with all the “what’s the uniform and what time do I have to be there” questions x30).

What I don’t see the point of is then having access to the public facing pages, they can see what these are posting anyway so they don’t need access.


The only reason would be transparency of the PM/DM function. Or if they wanted to post a million spam messages from all accounts so the message across the wg is “on point”.

I’ll tell them to they clearly forgot about data protection and the need to know rule. WSO or not they have no more rights than anyone else, they cant police it in any way. If fact theres nothing to stop a Sqn setting up another page or for cadets to bomb the page will messages etc to P them off

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That the big issue, I wouldn’t want them putting things out on my unit SM! Certainly not form my OC Twitter!

Onto an official Sqn page? Surely it is common sense to have squadron staff as moderators of the pages, rather than wing have to do it.

I think get stuffed mate would be the best comment.
Sqn online presence is for squadrons to manage not anyone not on the squadron.