Wing 'oversight' of SM


There is going to be an awful lot of ‘supper clubs’ set up with very careful access.


Personally I’ve no issue with WSOs being members. Like others our Wg Media Officer is a member of all groups.

An Admin on the other hand??
No thank you.

Having a wing or sector overview I’ve no issue with and can mean a lot to a cadet who posts about their success story when Sqn Ldr Smith likes or even comments “well done”.
Certainly helps spread the word to the Sector commander with no extra effort from me!


It makes Wing Staff even “lazier” than they are.
They should be going to squadrons not sitting there “clicking” a meaningless icon or increasing their chances of RSI.


What’s not to say they can do this on a non parade night or a night when they aren’t due to be down to a particular squadron?

  1. You know they can do both, right?
  2. Just because you find the icons “meaningless”, it doesn’t mean that others do! Praise from on high for an activity/commendation/award means a lot. When OC Wing or WSC can’t make it in person to something, said person clicking “Like” or, maybe, writing “Well done Cadet Bloggs - well earned” means a lot to them.


Hell no! I don’t want them at the squadron, getting in the way.


Use of SM is just pure laziness, they should be coming to squadrons and meeting cadets and saying well done. Our WSO comes down once every 2 months, it’s not formal or anything, they take a class / do training. They know the cadets and the cadets know them and it’s no big deal. Come break they stand around and chat to the cadets and staff.
It’s better than the previous 3 who promised loads and never delivered.


And in the mean time they can maintain contact via SM instead of just going dark. If they pick up a story from the Sqn media page then they could promote it via a wing page.

We get stories picked up by our wing and region pages occasionally. We should all want to celebrate and advertise success.


I don’t see that they need admin access to do that though. They can just follow the pages like everyone else.


Yeah Admin Access is an odd one. I wouldn’t want anybody posing as my sqn.


Wing having the ability to see all internal facebooks groups is fine, Admin privileges should be left to the Squadron staff. I work in Social Media, Web Design and SEO I have written a 22-page proposal for my Wing Commander with a view to implementing within our wing and in theory further afield.

There are so many missed opportunities by the Corps in general with regards to social media account, websites and content it’s unbelievable. For instance, Non-Profit organizations can be eligible for up to £7,500 a month in FREE Google AdWords adverts! The reach that it could have for wings to recruit is immense !!! both for Cadets and CFAV’s.

Over 60% of searches are made on mobile devices as of last year, one of Google’s biggest ranking factors is GMB, this is shown in the knowledge graph on the right-hand side of the screen, it find’s the most relevant business to the Keyword (search term) and shows it, before I created ours the Sea Cadets (Shared building) beat us every time as they had one and we didn’t it has taken time but now ours outranks theirs. A lot of Squadrons don’t have one or if they do they are not optimized or as in 1 case that I have seen, they have 2 locations in 1 town neither of which are accurate (It is the same Sqn, I did double check).

In an ideal world, you should be putting out content every parade night and every time you do any weekend activities, how ever that is not being realistic when we are volunteers already giving a lot of our time up, there are some staff that just don’t like social media, it is completly understanable, however that is where our target audiance and new recruits are and we need to appeal to them.

If anyone wants any tips for anything SM, Websites or Google my Business drop me a message I’m more than happy to help.


other than messages sent to your Sqn page everything else is viewable from the public facing side so they wouldn’t need to see anything else or have the ability to post. Aslong as there is more than 2 people that have access to the site you should be fine and within regulations.




Is there any chance we can see said proposal or snapshots? If it can help us with using social media on a squadron level.


I believe this is what @Mouldy is referencing


Would @Mouldy consider creating a “Get into” style guide to SM like those already on the ACC Drive?


I was considering doing some YouTube videos that show how to set various things up.

My proposal only outlines where we are missing out on, it doesn’t tell you how to do it. But as I said I’m more than happy to share the info.


I didn’t know they were there @mprentice1. I haven’t explored this whole site yet. :joy:


@Mouldy My understanding is we’re not eligible, as we’re a government organisation that receives an element of public funding. We’re not quite non-profit enough.


Has anyone made an application though?

I have seen the army Cadets smash it, so either they’re ploughing money into google ads or they managed to get some free funding.

If they can we can