Who should own SOV's, as far as the V5 is concerned


Someone has asked , when it comes to the V5, who should be the registered owner of the vehicle?

If you have an MT Officer, should they be the owner - so that any documents , reminders goto them?

Can anyone other than civcom or trustee “own” anything anyway - in the same way as CFAV shouldn’t handle cash etc, should they have the responsibility of owning a Sqn asset? In the past i think its generally been accepted that the OC is the one?

Does the insurance require permission from the “owner” for you to use and be insured on the vehicle?

Thoughts? what have others done?


Surely it will be some member of the civilian committee that is the owner and contact for related matters…

You can register the vehicle with the “Company name”. This could be 9999 Anytown squadron. You would then have to provide a name for the person responsible for any correspondence/management of the vehicle.

This in theory can be anyone, Committee/OC/MT officer etc etc. As the asset would be owned by the squadron you can just change the name of the person responsible if they leave. It doesn’t give them any rights to the vehicle and does not run the risk of them trying to take it with them if they so decided.

*****This is how it works in my work, i do not know if a SOV is any different as we are not LTD companies *****

Our sqn has it listed in the Squadrons Name on the V5 and with the insurance company.

The Sqn Cdr is the one responsible for its use, approval of drivers, MT orders etc as they hold the Health & Safety Risk and so are the decision maker. This means that the Sqn Cdr is the point of contact for the insurance Company as they are the ones who will deal with any claim and authorising of any drivers who have conditions/age/speeding points etc and ensuring compliance with ACP 150.

Civilian Committee just deal with the financing, monitoring use etc. in the same way they would do so with any other piece of equipment e.g. Radios, Stoves, Privately held weapons etc.