When to use TG21/22/23 forms?

a discussion occuring at Sqn atm has raised the above question. (linked to fact the Sqn printer has eaten through another toner due to the level of TG forms we’re printing for nearly ever activity.

which activities require TG/consent forms?

one Staff member made it clear it should be for overnight or sports activities, but has no reference to back it up.
looking through Sharepoint, both general and Wing i cant find any guidance or policy with a definative list showing X, Y and Z requires a TG form, all over activities are covered by details in the 3822

As a Cadet all we ever had was our 3822 to events, except annual camps which had the ACF13s as they once were and cant see why this is not acceptable.

i’m specifically asking for reference to documents indicating policy, either as a Corps or on a Wing level so i can take it to Sqn…(ie i appreciate this may open up a discussion but opinion and tales of how each Sqn use TG forms wont answer my question!)

21,22,23 :slight_smile:

I’ve never found a reference document that made the situation clear and I know that it is an area that the ABRT are looking into.

One of the issues in with ensuring accuracy of the information held on the document - specifically medical information. That said, we can’t guarantee that a TG form will declare everything either.

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As far as saving toner, we have the blank forms on the website so that if we need to we can get the cadets to print them off at home/school etc. Also means that all the details can be typed in and saved, its so much easier than writing it all out especially DBS numbers, NHS numbers etc.

We tend to go for anything that requires an overnight stay or that has a heightened risk of injury - sports, AT, fieldcraft, etc.

But as far as I know, there is no specific guidance on what point one becomes required. The new forms replaced AT and camp forms, so presumably those activities definitely require a form (did they also replace a sports-specific form?)

indeed. i have digital copies of mine which i simply print.

and as you suggest we do have them on the website for the Cadets to print themselves, except Cadets being Cadets they always seem to forget them or need them last minute “my Mum will fill it out when she picks me up” so envititable we’ll always be pritning them at Sqn in this “paperless Office age”

incubus - good spot, someone was paying attention…clearly wasnt me!

accuracy is definately an issue.
we have one cadet prone to fainting spells who hasnt/doesnt declared that on a form and even one one occasion had a parent hand in the form and then explain that little Johnny had disease X but didnt want to make a big thing about it by putting it on his form!! there is no hope sometimes!

Local Policy for my area seems to be, that TG Consent forms are required for all activities, with the exception of Shooting & Flying.

And therefore required 25 cadets to produce forms for Wing Activities Day!!

The other issue is cadets producing 3/4 sets in the space of a month!!

Parents sign the 3822A which is the consent to join, they also drop them at the unit for activities which they wouldn’t do if they didn’t want them to go. The parent should also advise of any issues to the unit, which unit staff are then aware of.

You definitely need it for AT and fieldcraft applications. I don’t know where it says to get them but if you are an activity IC, then you have tick the declaration on SMS that states

Bizarrely, the declaration for Field craft and AT are identical. It might be the case that the need for forms is stated in a single a line within the policy document for each area of activity (i.e. fieldcraft, AT, and Camps).

Yep, Fieldcraft AT and anything overnight.

Our wing insists on having them for EVERYTHING (which is annoying).

Only ever used them for overnight activities. Odd days here and there, cadets have 3822s for contact info. I’ve never had parents of a cadet say they don’t know where they are when they have been with us, as said they normally drop them off with great glee that we’re looking after them. But there does seem to be a lot of variation between sqns and wings … but then this is the ATC!!

Never heard of using them for sports. I did a lot of sport as a cadet and been involved in sqn sports for donkey’s and not had a request for parent consent forms.

I must admit I do feel the Corps is hugely anal about the info required. In 12 years of 3 children on school activities, we did a sheet at the beginning of each year with contact details and medical update and then just a tear off relating to each activity they did with the moolah attached. Even when they went away for more than a day, we didn’t fill out any more forms.

As intimated, definitely one for the amin reduction wallahs.

I am told that the whole TG 21/22/23 thing features high on the list on the ABRT and is being discussed again shortly.

I’ve heard of TG21 forms being rejected (and cadets being bumped off the camp list) because the cadet hadn’t signed the bit that they’re meant to sign…

What’s the problem if the cadet hasn’t signed it (assuming that their parent has)?

Cadet turns up for camp. Gets told as they get on the bus to sign the form. Cadet signs form. Job done. Why then tell them they can’t go to camp?

Fortunately I’ve never seen that.

It’s utterly ridiculous!

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Please excuse the resurrection of an old thread (especially if the matter has been put to be elsewhere) but a recent activity got me searching Sharepoint trying to find a steer on this topic - has any clarity been given/could anyone point me in the direction of when TG’s are required?

Have a look at the sms activity request.
It’s not long been altered slightly
When the relevant people sign it off at the sqn it now states you will collect patent constant forms etc. That would suggest to me any activity on Bader possibly needs a TG form.

Just in case your patent is variable!:rofl:


If you do a Google search for Freedom of Information / TG21/ cadets, etc, you will find several responses, e.g.


& here.

From what was mentioned (I think) on a previous thread, there does not seem to be a categoric, Corps, policy relating to the use of such forms. There are clearly wide-ranging differences across the Regions as to what is an “appropriate” activity - & there shouldn’t be. Yes for the stated examples (camps, flying, etc), but for everything else?

Also, noting the previous comments about accuracy of information, to me, it really does seem to be a snow-balling administration burden that needs to be throttled back. The F3822 obviously isn’t good enough, why bother to have the “permission” element included in it??

My PIPE’s in draft just reference RA’s could be different types of SMS activity reference different requirements - oh for promulgation :’(

Mike I fully agree with what you have written but the information you have given was prior to the change which only occurred a few months ago.

Teflon, it could be perhaps that some sense has over come hqac (but they are still breathing so I doubt that) and it is dependant on the times and details etc.

All I am saying is check the approval section it did change a few months back to include parent consent forms. We did 2 events this year both the exact same and 1 we did not and then 2 months later we were required to have them

You have just insulted “Typhoon” more than you can possible imagine.

Typhoon i’d suggest a new Avatar!


Yes, aware of the changes - it seems to me as if the higher-paid help have taken the opportunity to add to the admin burden when suitable clarification of “appropriate” activities should have been with a less restrictive outlook.

We’ll soon have to do them for cadets to attend normal Parade evenings… I think I will start an SMS activity for a “jail break” - get as far as you can around the globe, no TG forms required (F3822 + passport only)! :smiling_imp:

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